Can your ex-boyfriend who is a cosigner repossess your car?


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If you have renigged on paying your portion of the car bill, yes.It doesn't matter who he is. The fact is...he cosigned for you. But, you can contact your consumer affairs bureau and see if they have a brochure on vehicle repossession. Ps Your ex bf sounds tons nicer than any of mine. He can't "repossess" because he is not the lienholder. If he is listed on the title as a co-owner, he has the same right of possession that you have and could insist on "taking his turn". But if he is only a co-signer on the loan, the only "right" he has is to make the payments if you don't. If he has had to make some of the payments for you, he could sue you for reimbursement.


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A cosigner or coowner cannot repossess a vehicle. That is something the leinholder does.

ONLY if your name is on the TITLE as co-owner or leinholder can you "repo" the car.

They should since they are just as responsible for making payments as the primary.

The cosigner becomes the target next. If you default, it is up to the cosigner to pay the bill or both of your credits are ruined and the bank takes their usual steps to repossess a vehicle.

Only if the primary has said s/he will surrender the property in the bankruptcy and/or if the cosigner does not make the payments due.

Can the police repossess your car? Can the police repossess your car?

No, the cosigner will not have rights to the car after its paid off because the purpose of a cosigner is to pay off the notice if you fail to do so. Being a cosigner does not give them to any rights to the car.

If you are late on your loan payment and are a cosigner on your daughters car can they repposses the car?

Not as long as you make your payments on time. A co-signer guarantees that you will pay your loan off. If your co-signer dies and you don't make your payments the lender will repossess the car and go after you for any deficiencies.

Yes: Your spouse/children can be included on your insurance policy regardless of who was/if there was a cosigner on the car.

No. You are the primary borrower and are honoring your financial obligation.

I'm sure you won't like this answer, but only the lender can repossess the collateral. If the cosigner is also a co-owner and listed on the title, he could insist on taking his turn driving the car. But essentially, the only right a cosigner has is the "right" to make the payments if the primary borrower does not.

No, the cosigner signs on to the loan. Usually, the primary signer owns the car and drives it. The cosigner is there in case the loan goes into default and needs to be paid for. After they sign on the car does not belong to them, but the person who took out the loan.

The cosigner issue here is misplaced. The liability of a cosigner comes into play if the primary owner of the car cannot make payments. In the case presented, the primary borrower is doing fine. There is nothing a cosigner can do to take a car away.

Hey Hun, if you do not make the payments they will come to repossess your car.

No. The lienholder is the only entity with a right to repossess.

A cosigner can attempt to sell the car at anytime. However, in order for them to sell it, they have to have the other signer's signature.

Since the cosigners isn't paying, unless you start paying instead, and catch up on all late payments, the dealer or the bank will repossess the vehicle shortly anyway, so your question is moot.

I'am a cosigner on the car that I'am driving. I have the title but it is in my ex-husband's name and mine. Will the DMV in Mississippi let me register the car if he is not present?

Yes, the finance company can repossess the car from the body shop. They would likely wait for the car to be fixed before they repossess the car.

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.

She needs to contact the lender and make sure the payments are made. If not they will repossess the car and she will be responsible for the loan balance after they sell the car. She also needs to contact a lawyer and see what her rights are in her state.

Co signer does not have the right of subrogation. ( the power to recoup the losses). His agreement is only with the lender who will demand payment in case the principal borrower fails to pay. He has to honour the agreement. If he pays to the lender, he can have a legal remedy through court and can repossess the vehicle only if the court orders so. ( This is on an assumption that there is no agreement entered into between the principal borrower and the cosigner. Even if there is an agreement it can be enforced through a court only.)

Not unless the the cosigner is on the vehicle title. If not on the title the only entitlement the cosigner has is to pay the bill.

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