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Yes. Since she has a job, she is filing her taxes on the income she received last year. If at any time, you were supported by her (in full or part), she can claim you.

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Q: Can your ex claim you as a dependent if you did not have earned income but you owned a house and lived with her She paid all living expenses but you paid your mortgage and other expenses on your house?
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What is the percentage of income spent on household expenses?

Most people spend around 60% of their income in household expenses. The expenses include things such as mortgage, utilities and food items.

How do you get earned income credit on taxes?

if u carry a dependent

If the firm's sales revenue income exceeds its expenses the firm has earned a profit?

If a firm's sales revenue exceeds its expenses, the firm has earned a profit.

How do you get earned income credit?

You get the earned income credit if you are 25 years of age, your income is under $52,000.00 and you are not claimed as a dependent on another persons income tax return. You may also get the earned income credit based on qualifying dependents.

Will the money you receive from the national mortgage settlement be taxed?

No court award are not earned income.

Is earned income tax credit an itemized deduction?

No. The earned income tax credit is a credit received by some based on their income and lawful dependent children. It is not a deduction of any kind.

How to write Budget letter explaining how you will pay your mortgage?

To write a budget letter explaining how you will pay your mortgage, you should be thorough. Include information on all of your income. Next include all of your expenses. Show that you have enough money to pay the mortgage plus your expenses.

How are revenues and expenses reported on the income statement under the accrual basis of accounting?

Revenues are reported on the income statement in the period in which they are earned.

Under which circumstances do individuals and couples qualify for earned Income Tax Credit?

Low income or having dependent children

Can my boyfriend claim me as a dependent living with him for 2 years?

If you did not work during the year and he paid for over half of the expenses if keeping up the home then yes, he can claim you as a dependent on his tax return. He cannot use you as a qualifying dependent for Earned Income Tax Credit though. Also, if you do not have health insurance he could be penalized for you not having insurance if you are a dependent on his return.

What does one need to qualify for a mortgage in Ontario Canada?

The conditions that are needed to qualify for a mortgage in Ontario, Canada can vary from person to person. These depend mainly on one's income and expenses.

Can I claim earned income credit for my child while the other parent claims him as a dependent?

i think you can

What is a plan of income and expenses?

A plan of income and expenses is an approach to building income and paying down expenses. Many people maintain a plan for their income and expenses without realizing it.

What is the difference in Gross income versus Net income?

Gross income usually is the money someone or something has earned before any deductions such as taxes, expenses, or promotion has been deducted. If you are receiving money after such expenses have been deducted, you are receiving money based on NET income.

Are exemptions and deductions the same thing in taxes?

For income tax purposes exemptions and deductions both decrease taxable income. Deductions are based on expenses actually paid, such as mortgage interest paid or charitable contributions. An exemption is an automatic dollar amount excluded from your income. In 2014, taxpayers get $3950 exemption for themselves, their spouses and each dependent claimed on their return.

Difference between gross income and income?

Income is a general term referring to one's financial gain, whether earned or unearned, received as wages, or for services, from the sale of goods or property, or as earnings on investments over a given period of time. Gross income is the total income earned from all sources (e.g. wages, property) in a given period before expenses or taxes are deducted. Net income is the income or profit remaining after taxes and expenses have been deducted.

Can a head of household with 1 qualifying dependent who was unemployed for 2009 receive earned income credit?

I think the answer would be no...its EARNED INCOME must have earned taxable income for that yr in order to well you must make a certain amount to qualify..also you can not get it if you make to much

Does the mortgage company verify your income?

Yes the mortgage company verifies income.

Can you treat tax as expenses?

Tax is an expense on financial statements. However, income tax is an expense of the year in which the income was earned, not the year the tax is paid. For instance, income tax paid in 2013 for income earned in 2012 is an expense for 2012. You do not deduct as a 2013 expense the income tax paid in 2013 for earnings in 2012.

How much money will you receive for a one-year-old dependent when you file your taxes?

Without having your filing status (Single, Married Filing Jointly, etc.) and income, it's not possible to determine your tax benefit. In general terms, your one-year-old dependent is entitled to a dependent exemption. That exemption reduces your income by $3,650, in addition to whatever other exemptions (your personal, your spouse) you have. Also, your child may reduce the amount of tax through certain credits (such as child/dependent care expenses). Furthermore, depending on your income and filing status, you also may be eligible for other credits such as earned income.

How to prepare a income statement?

Sales - cost of goods sold = gross profit. - operating expenses(i.e marketing expenses and administrative expenses) = operating income. + other income - other expenses = income before tax - tax = net income/profit.

Where does travel go on income statement?

Travel expenses are expenses as all other normal business expenses and as all other business expenses are part of income statement traveling expenses are also part of income statement.

When are prepaid expenses are reported on the income statement as expenses?

When actual benefits are taken by business at that time prepaid expenses are converted to expenses and at that time prepaid expenses are shown as expenses in income statement.

A budget is used to do which of the following?

Plan income and expenses.

Is audit prepaid expenses entry come in income statement?

Prepaid expenses are not part of income statements, in accrual accounting income and expenses are only shown in income statements when they are actually incurred.