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No. Custody must be granted by a court order unless the parents are married. If you are unmarried and want to give temporary custody of your children to your "fiance" it must be done through the court. You haven't mentioned whether the "fiance" is the father of the children.

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Q: Can your fiance get temporary custody of your children with a power of attorney form?
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You are a father who has custody of your two small girls you are not married to your fiance yet but your ex wife is getting married is trying to regain custody of your children What are her chances on?

see your other question

How to accept that my fiance has a daughter?

* Unless your fiance sprung the fact he had a daughter on you at the last minute then you should be able to handle this. If he didn't tell you about having a daughter then he probably was fearful you wouldn't be able to handle this information. You did not state if the mother has custody; he has full custody or it's joint custody. If you love him it shouldn't make a difference. One day you will have children of your own.

You have custody of your son your ex is trying to take away your custody because you live with your fiance is it illegal in the State of Arkansas to live with someone and retain custody?

not if you are the biological parent

Can parents of an 17 old year daughter give temporary guardianship to the daughter's fiance who is in the military?

No. That is her fiance, because of their relationship he can not be her legal guardian.

Who had custody of trayvon Martin?

There is no mention to who had legal custody of Treyvon Martin. However, it has been said that he lived with his father and his father's fiance for several years.

Your fiance was married in Texas but then moved to Washington with you. Can he file for divorce in Washington?

If your "fiance" has a wife in Texas he must go back to Texas to divorce her. He should consult with an attorney.

If your fiance have full custody of her kids can you adopt them?

Only if the non-custodial parent give up his parental rights.

Does Fabrice Muamba have children?

No. Fabrice Muamba does not have any children. He does have a fiance named Shauna.

If you marry your fiance who does not have legal custody of your son does your fiance have any legal rights toward him?

No. If the fiance is the natural father, then he does have rights to his son. Getting married doesn't give him legal rights to your child (assuming he is not the father). He must adopt in order to have legal rights.

Your fiance and you are not married you raise his two little girls in which he has primary custody of His ex wife is getting married in October What are her chances of regaining custody once married?

It would be better if you were married, but there are other, less pleasant ways she can get custody. See related link.

Did Michael Clarke Duncan have children?

No. He and his fiance, Omarosa Manigault, were planning to marry in 2013 and have children according to reports, but he had no children when he died.

He is very verbally abusive to me and I have never met her. Do I have to allow my ex-husband and his fiance come to my children's events?

Yes. You have no control over who accompanies him to such events. If he is abusive toward you then discuss the situation with your attorney and take the matter to court if necessary.

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