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No. Most of it is to do with the genes. Look at your mother and father. If they have gray hair then you'll get it too. Sometimes head injuries will damage the pigment of the scalp and gray hair can occur in that spot. Straightening your hair yourself without a professionals advice is very hard on the hair and if you can stop! Even blow-drying your hair is hard on it as is hot weather. Just like your face have a day or two where you wear no make-up and let your skin breath. Hair should get a rest too. Some people don't know that they should have 3 different types of shampoos on the go. The hair can get too use to one shampoo and you may find the frizzies happening. If you are of black origin then it's quite popular to straighten hair. To give your hair a rest buy a wig! Wigs are really in fashion and if you go to a good wig shop no one would know the difference if you wore one. A good case is Oprah. She always looks good, but does wear wigs at times.

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Q: Can your hair turn gray from straightening it too much?
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Can you burn the follicles of your hair with a straightening iron causing them to turn gray?

Hello, A straightening iron can burn your hair but it wouldn't burn it to such a extent that your hair would turn grey hun. When the straightening iron burns hair, it usually becomes brittle or dry or looks similar to static. But when most hair is burnt to a high enough extent, it disintigratesthe strand of hair that has been burnt.

Do chemicals turn your hair gray?

Yes, the chemicals can make your hair turn gray faster than usual.

Why does people hair turn gray when they get old?

When people get old their hair turns gray and I know how... Their hair cells die and their hair turns gray. :)

Can a straightening iron turn gray hair yellow?

Yes I have found that using a heated flat iron on my white silver hair has yellowed it. Now I am trying to figure out how to correct this. I hope to come across an answer with out cutting off all my very long hair.

Can red hair turn gray?


Can permanent hair straightening damage thick curly healthy hair?

It depends on how you have the straightening done. You need to find a professional on hair straightening if you want it, and be very careful when you do it at home. At home you should brush your hair 100 times after you get out of the shower and then use a straightener meant to turn wet hair straight. Then put in a very strong holding hairspray.

When your hair turns gray does all body hair turn gray?

Type your answer here... because you ware the color out

Why does are hair turn gray?

It loses the pigment as you get older.

Does pubic hair turn gray with age?


Can gray hair turn black again?

dye it

Does cutting your hair short cause hair to turn gray?

no, when you cut your hair, your hair grows healthier and gray hair doesnt happen as much only if your in your old ages. But , cutting it doesnt do anything but keep it heealthy and most of all if you have thin hair.

How do you turn gray hair on beard?

Get grey hair dye or just let it turn natural grey.

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