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Can your husband's ex use your income for back child support?

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No. Your income cannot be redirected toward your husband's children he had by another woman. However, a judge may take into consideration your husband's ability to pay in light of his present circumstances. If, for example, you are the primary bread winner and earn substantially more than him, a judge may rule that his lifestyle will not be significantly changed by paying more child support.

2006-08-16 21:25:55
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Q: Can your husband's ex use your income for back child support?
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In the state of Florida how can a lien for back child support against Supplemental Security Income?

In the state of Florida how can a lien for back child support against Supplemental Security Income?

Is the new wife income taken in for back child support?


Can lawsuit money be garnished for back child support in nyc?

Yes, any form of income, other than needs-based income, can be garnished for back child support in New York. Money from a lawsuit or settlement is considered income.

Is back child support figured on current income or past income?

On current income unless the obligor can document his past income.

How do you get child support if the parent is in jail?

You will not receive child support if the other parent is in jail because there is no income to garnish. Their back child support will add up and you can file contempt charges for nonpayment of child support.

If a noncustodial father pay child support for a child from a previous marriage and he loses his income is the new spouse responsible for back child support?

no see links

Can child support put a lien on an inheritance?

Yes, all forms of income, including inheritance, can be used to pay back child support.

Can your profit share check be taken for back child support?

Any money designated as taxable income is subject to garnishment for child support.

What happens to back child support when the father's income is Social Security?

The support is still owed and SS benefits of any sort are subject to garnishment for child support obligations.

If you have not paid child support because of bank repute?

If you have not paid child support because of bankruptcy in Canada? If you have not paid child support because of bankruptcy can you go back if the person is now working and have a income?

Can state withhold federal tax refund for back child support?

Yes, states can withhold any form of income to recover back child support, including a federal tax refund.

If you are paying back child support do they still take your income taxes?

Yes, if there is an unpaid balance.

Does back child support go to the overaged child or to the parent?

The custodial parent, it is assumed that he or she supported the child with their income. If however a state agency was involved in the support of the child that agency would receive the arrearages.

What happens to child support and back child support when a child dies?

Back support still has to be paid

How do the courts determine child support if the father has evaded taxes?

The courts will not use anyone's past tax records as a factor in determining who owes child support. The amount due for child support has nothing to do with income taxes. Income taxes is a last resort for collecting back child support owed but their are other ways of collecting this before it becomes in default.

In the state of Georgia do you pay back child support when unable to work for a year due to a disability.?

a portion of the social security disability income, if filed, can be considered as child support

If you get a second job can your ex-wife garnish that for child support?

If you owe the back child support, yes, they can file for additional garnishments on the new income. And the income can be used to adjust the amount of child support in some places. But they cannot take all of it, you have to be left a reasonable amount for living expenses of your own.

Can I receive back pay child support from my exhusband if I am collecting social security disability. Will my income be taken away from me?

Your Social Security eligibility is not affected by your receipt of child support. One is for you; the other is for your child.

The state dropped child support case can they still take away income tax for back pay?


Can the state of massachuettes intercept federal income taxes for back child support?

yes see links below

Does new york state law include spouse's income when determining child support?

No, New York does not take a new spouse's income into account when calculating child support. However, if you owe back child support, the state is able to garnish joint assets, such as a joint checking account or a joint tax refund.

Do you have to pay back child support if your child is grown?

age of child does not matter when comes to back support

If noncustodial mother owes back support and gets married can they garnish her new husbands earnings for the debt in WA?

No, but by adding 20% of his income to the figures, her obligation can be increased.

Can my husband's ex-wife take him back to court for more child support based on my income now that we are married?

In most states, the dispute of child support is based completely off what the biological parent brings in financially. Essentially, the step-parents income has nothing to do with what the biological parent pays as far as child support.

How do you file for back child support from your father for child support order in 1955?

I doubt there were many child support laws back then. Normally, only the custodial parent of the child can file for child support, not the actual child.