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Most auto insurance policy underwriting guidelines specifically exclude comprehensive and collision coverage from a salvaged vehicle. Many will also not even offer liability insurance if they are aware that the vehicle has been totaled and then salvaged. This is because Salvaged vehicles statistically have more operational failures than a vehicle that hasnot been totaled out. Many of these failures occur while on the road resulting in far more accidents. Failure to disclose the salvage nature at policy inception can be construed as deceipt on the part of the insured. If the company pays half the price then you should consider yourself lucky because it probably is actually worth much less. A vehicle that has a "salvage" title is not as valuable as a "clean" title. If the vehicle has been totalled before and you did not receive a salvage title and were not informed in writing that the vehicle had been totalled, you may be able to sue the company that sold the vehicle to you. Caveat Emptor is a good phrase to learn. It's Latin and means roughly, "let the buyer beware". If you were informed that the vehicle had been totalled and they showed you the documentation and gave you a salvaged title, it means that you bought the vehicle for less than full price because of the fault. The insurance company is certainly within their rights to offer you considerably less than full book value for the vehicle.

2007-05-31 11:15:54
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Q: Can your insurance company give you only half of the car's value because it had previously been totaled but repaired by collision specialists and inspected by the police?
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Can I get insurance to cover collision in Illinois?

You can get insurance to cover collision in Illinois. Simply check with your automobile insurance provider and add collision coverage to your coverage.

Which insurance companies offer collision insurance?

The forthcoming insurance companies offer collision insurances: Insurance4CarHire, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Rental Cars and the Collision Damage Waiver, etc.

Do you have to have your house inspected to get homeowners insurance?

The insurance company reserves that right.

What insurance is needed in case of a car collision?

Collision coverage, also known as auto collision insurance, is the part of your auto insurance that most always pays for damages to your vehicle in the case of an accident.

Do most insurance companies offer collision insurance?

Any good insurance company offers collision insurance. Many people don't want the cost of carrying a comprehensive plan on an older vehicle. Sometimes it is smarter to simply carry collision insurance and all of the top insurance companies do.

Does State Farm offer collision insurance?

State Farm does offer collision insurance to customers. State Farm requires a deductible for this type of insurance.

Does budget van insurance offer collision insurance?

Budget van insurance does offer collision insurance. It is something that you can pay for daily or weekly depending on how long you have the van or what you what to do with the van.

Will your car insurance fix your car if its your fault?

If you have collision insurance.

Do Pennsylvania car insurance laws require you to have collision?

Yes they do. You will have to get at least get collision insurance if you want to drive a car in Pennsylvania. More insurance is good though.

What is meant by California collision car insurance?

Collision insurance means that if you were to get in an accident the insurance company would pay to fix your car instead of the person's that you hit.

Where can I purchase collision insurance in Virginia?

Inquire insurance details in Virginia. You will get information concerning various insurance companies, and you will find out which would provide collision coverage.

Why You Need Virginia Collision Car Insurance?

Drivers need Virginia collision car insurance to protect them financially in the even they cause crashes that damage their cars. When such events occur, collision insurance pays for damage done to cars belonging to the insured. Liability insurance carried by insured drivers covers damage done to the property of others. Collision insurance makes sure that drivers can have their cars repaired after an accident.Obtaining Collision InsuranceDrivers can buy collision insurance whenever they get a quote for auto insurance coverage. Drivers can evaluate the cost of collision coverage and compare it with the benefits of that coverage. Insurance agents can help drivers evaluate the need for collision insurance coverage. Drivers who own expensive cars usually want to carry collision coverage to control the financial impact of repairs. Auto owners who finance their vehicles also need collision insurance coverage. Usually, banks and finance companies require car buyers to purchase collision coverage to protect the interests of the lienholder. After owners pay off their car, they can choose to drop collision coverage.Getting Advice About Collision InsuranceDrivers can get advice about collision insurance from their insurance agents, insurance companies or financial advisors. These professionals will gather information about the financial condition of drivers, and the value of their cars and the cost of collision coverage to help drivers decide whether to buy or forgo coverage. Drivers who own cars outright can drop their collision coverage, especially if they must keep their insurance costs to a minimum. Drivers without collision insurance must accept full financial responsibility if they cause wrecks that damage their cars.Shopping Around For Collision InsuranceDrivers should shop among several car insurance companies before choosing a policy that includes collision insurance. The lowest price for coverage may come from insurance companies other than the ones with the lowest liability-only coverage. By shopping all alternatives, drivers can find the lowest price for the needed amount of collision insurance coverage.

What does collision mean in economics?

The term collision in insurance covers the cost of damage to a car that is the fault of the insured. Collision insurance does not cover any damage caused from vandalism or theft.

Is hitting a dear comprehensive or collision?

Animal CollisionIf your vehicle "collides" with an animal it will be covered under the "collision" portion of your Auto Insurance Policy. Answer from a General Insurance AgentAnswercomprehensive

What is a collision claim?

A claim that you make on your own insurance for repairs due to a collision.

Do I need collision car insurance in New Jersey?

Insurance is compulsory wherever you may live. IT will always be recommended that you have collision insurance as accidents can occur anytime and anywhere.

How can one file an insurance claim for a rear end collision?

One can file an insurance claim for a rear end collision by going to one's insurance carrier's collision center, and filling out the necessary paperwork as they take a look at your vehicle.

What insurance covers the driver who is at fault?

Their own insurance would cover it if they had collision insurance.

Can you sue the state for hitting a deer your car is total and your insurance will not pay?

You are required by law to have liabilty coverage, but not collision coverage. If you did not have collision coverage then you are not due any compensation by your insurance company. If you did have collision insurance and the insurance company will not pay, then you may be able to sue the insurance company, but you cannot sue the state.

Have auto insurance specialists received special training?

Yes, auto insurance specialists receive special on the job training in order to perform their jobs correctly.

Why is it your fault if you have no collision insurance?

Fault is determined by who committed a driving infraction, not who has insurance. If you have no collision insurance, you are responsible for the damages to your own vehicle unless another driver is determined to be at fault.

Can I get insurance to cover collision in New Jersey?

Contact your local insurance agencies to inquire if you are eligible to receive collision insurance in your state of New Jersey, as they vary from state to state.

Can I get insurance to cover collision in Virginia?

Most insurance companies will offer a package for collision coverage, if you qualify for coverage. Inquire your local companies in Virginia for information and insurance policies.

Is collision car insurance required by law?

Yes collision insurance is in fact required by law. This will protect the other person if you are at fault for an accident.

What is collision in car insurance?

Collision is a slang term for coverage on your car if you cause the accident.