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Insurance companies are not allowed to raise your premium if you onoy reported ONE loss but keep in mind that they can always use other reasons such as an across the board premium increase.

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Business insurance is based on two principles: one is your risk and history in the industry, and two is history and risk of your company. If these two items are compromised then your premium will be raised.

The insurance company has no reason to raise your premium, the situation was completely out of your hands.

No, your insurance can't be raised by $100.00 just because you are a woman. There are a lot of factors involved with the way your insurance is priced.

No, if the insurance company has to pay out anything then they will raise the premium in order to make there money back....

Yes. There is a difference between driver's license points and insurance points. Anything that is on your MVR can raise your insurance rates.

Every company have their own rules regarding premium changes to their policy. You will need to either speak to your agent or the customer representative to find out why your premium change. In some case, you may be able to buy back the claim(essentially reimbursing the claim cost to the insurance company) and have the change removed.

If your insurance company finds out about the tickets it is highly likely that they will raise your insurance rate.

Premium Up-Rates The exact number of days may vary from state to state, But in most states any premium adjustments must be made within 60 days of policy issuance. This applies to new insurance contracts as well as at renewal time. Happy Motoring

Filing no claims on your insurance will not raise your rates. Your insurance agent would just as soon never hear from you except when you pay your premium.

Points on your license does not automatically raise your insurance until the insurance company looks at your record. This usually only happens when you change your policy or have an accident.

ask your insurance company and make sure your safe

Most Insurance companies make their profit by not having to pay for car repairs because of good driving records. Most insurance claims cause insurance companies to pay out money. The only way they can retrieve that cost is to raise the car insurance premium of the insured or raise by a few cents the cost of car insurance spread over many insurers. So, many people do not make unneeded claims to their insurance company if it results in their rates going up.

Yes, All losses incurred are used to properly evaluate your risk. If you frequent places where vehicles are stolen or even if you live in an area with high accident or vehicle theft rates then this obviously effects you insurance premium.

Workers compensation is an insurance. Your employer pays a premium during each billing period (monthly, quarterly, annually, however frequently) for coverage. This works just like any other insurance business: the insurance company will pay for covered claims. Claims may cause the insurance company to raise premiums if they feel the business has become more of a risk.

In General, Non-Moving violations are not assessed points against you by insurers when determining your premium rate.

Yes, most likely, your premium will raise to some degree. If you don't claim it through insurance, there would be no premium hike. Parking lot incidents are almost ALWAYS considered 50/50 fault, sad to say, unless you can PROVE otherwise!

Absolutely, the fact that you are cited or not cited will not apply. The insurance company will determine your fault. For example, an accident caused on private property doesn't fall under police jurisdiction but you still caused it so your company would raise your rates.

If you have a health condition it can raise your premium on your life insurance or make it dificult to aquire any new services. your best bet is to talk to a doctor and see what they say.

I think you mean can a general contracto force their subcontractor to raise their car insurance coverage limits. Some people choose to buy insurance with very low limits which do not provide a lot of protection. If you work for someone like a general contractor they can require you have a certain level of insurance. The reason they might do this is because they may have insurance that starts at a certain dollar limit. For example You buy insurance which covers damage cause if you car hits someone up to $25,000. The contractor may have insurance that starts at $50,000. This means that you would need insurance that covers up to $50,000 and the the contractors insurance would start paying after $50,000. Premium is the money you pay to purchase a policy. If you increase your coverage limits from say $25,000 to $50,000 it will of course increase your premium cost.

It might be cheaper in the long run to just take care of the problem yourself. If you report the damage, the insurance company may decide to raise your rates, maybe not this time, but certainly soon. Figure out what your deductable is versus how much it will cost to repair. If you have $500.00 deductible and it will only cost $600.00 to repair, I'd forget it.

No - an insurance company cannot cancel your policy or refuse to pay the claim, unless it can be proven that you were aware of this prior to obtaining the new insurance. They also cannot raise your premiums unless they raise everyone in your healthpool rates as well. A healthpool is a group of individuals who are in the same age range and insurance rating as you.

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