Harvest Moon (video game)

Can your kid ride the horse with you in harvest moon?


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No. You can never ride a horse with someone else.


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it takes two seasons or do what i did buy miracle potion for 2500G

You can not have a child with Kai in Harvest Moon DS. But I'm guessing you're talking about Harvest Moon DS Cute, and yes you can have a child after you marry him.

LOL - you don't. Once your have a kid, your kid will help out.

To get the Circus you have to have a kid first

No. The gender is chosen randomly, as you can only have one kid on the game.

Sorry you can only have 1 child But for the first time in any harvest moon once you finish the game you play as your child :)!

One, sorry. But you can then play as ur kid and they can have a baby!

as soon as its born it takes you straight ahead 2months and your kid will be a toddler.

well wat happens is you get married and depending on the game your kid either helps you on the farm or you just have a kid who does nothing

Activate Flora's blue heart event or get married and have a kid. :D

Your child will have brown hair and eyes. His/Her hair will be short.

You can't. Once you upgrade your house and get the big bed, the small bed will still be there no matter what. its for when you have your kid, and your kid will sleep on the big bed with your wife (or your husband for Harvest Moon Ds Cute) which I think is really weird cuz you should be sleeping with who you married, and your kid in the separate bed. but yeah, you can't get rid of it, its YOUR bed forever

Harvest Moon is PG-rated game; to have a kid, you just have to marry someone and wait.Shortly after you get married,you'll have a baby. (your baby stays a baby forever in magical melody, though).

Only one. But when you get a journey rustack, give it to your kid then you can play as your child and then the child can have a baby.

No. Your child will never grow any older than a teenager and he will not ever marry anyone.

He won't ask you. Two seasons after marriage your character will automatically get pregnant.

you dont "beat" it. it goes on forever. have a kid and do the journey rucksack option you can then play as your child

you have to wait until the year is over then the next year he'll be a kid then the year after that he'll be a teenager and so on

Same as any Harvest Moon game. First get someone to marry you, then wait. While you're waiting, try and save up as much money as you can; toys, food, and house upgrades for your kid are all expensive!

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