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If it is in the contract.

2006-07-14 12:50:18
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Q: Can your landlord charge you for half the cost of expenses such as the increase of home owner's insurance even if you're only renting a room in the home?
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Why should a landlord get contents insurance?

It is very important for a landlord to get contents insurance if they are renting out a property with furniture included. If then the contents are damaged by the tennants then the landlord will be able to use the insurance policy to replace them.

What does PSF IG mean when refering to real estate?

Per Square Foot Industrial Gross If someone is leasing their space for $9.75 PSF IG, you are paying $9.75 per square foot of the property as your base rent (that includes CAM, Taxes & Operating Expenses as well as Insurace) and the Landlord is paying the expenses of the property. However, by the end of the year, should any of those inclusions increase, you will be responsible for paying that increase. For example, insurance for the unit you are renting costs $1,000 a year. The Landlord pays that directly (but it's been factored into your base rent). Say by the end of the year, the insurance goes up to $1,200 a year. You will be responsible for the $9.75 PSF AND that additional $200 increase in your insurance policy.

What does the term letting insurance refer to?

The term letting insurance refers to the insurance a landlord has for property they are renting. It covers damage to the property either through accident or natural disaster.

my landlord has given me notice to get rental insurance which is fine but he has set the amount of $3000 is that legal?

It is if you agreed to it in a contract. Otherwise the rental insurance is based on the value of what you own not the building you are renting.

What is landord insurance?

Landlord insurance is specifically for anyone who has bought a property with the intention of renting it. It provides insurance cover that standard household;d insurance may not, for example covering third party legal costs if someone was to be come injured in the property. There are different kinds of landlord insurance depending on the degree of cover needed. You can also get landlord insurance which guarantees to cover your rent payments for a period of time, should your tenants default on payment.

Can a landlord deny renting to a a criminal?


What are the legal requirements for insurance for rented property?

There are no mandatory legal requirements for insurance for rented property. However it is advisable to review your homeowners insurance if renting out the property or part of it is covered. If it isn't covered you should get a landlord insurance policy in order to be safe.

Who fixes the toilet when renting?

Your landlord , end of discussion.

What information do landlords have to verify before renting out an apartment?

What a landlord verifies is completely up to the landlord

Does the landlord have to provide a refrigerator if you are renting a home in Ga?


What is the definition of landlord?

A property owner who is renting the property out to people to live in.

How long does a landlord have to fix a broken oven in NC?

i don't believe there's aytime limit....if there is, it'd have to be in the lease/agreement you signed before you started renting....i would assume no longer then 30 days, as that is usually the stereotype on which things can/will be done in the area of renting, such as evection and home owners insurance. (if you have things stolen from your house and the landlord has it, they will replace everything you lost)

Is the lessor the landlord or the tenant?

The owner of the property is called the the lessor or landlord. The person who is renting the property is called the lessee or tenant.

What is the name of the person renting out a place?

A person renting out a place may be the owner, an agent, a landlady, a landlord, or a tenant subletting space.

Why is buying a house more beneficial than renting?

Buying is a personal investment while renting involves giving money to the landlord

What insurance should you buy when renting a car?

mostly you should be covered by the renting agency's insurance for the drivers of their cars. Please check

What to do when a landlord is selling the house you are renting?

In some states, the lease survives the sale; in others, it does not. Regardless, the landlord certainly has the right to sell.

Do you have to pay rent when the landlord didn't tell the mortgage company he was renting?

Yes. The relationship between the landlord and bank has nothing to do with the tenant.

Why would a landlord request that he be named as an additional insured party on your renters insurance policy?

Renters insurance and the Additional InsuredIt is common to list the property owner as an additional insured, After all you are renting his property and have accepted certain liabilities for damages to the property. The reason a landlord would require this is in the event that a loss occurs and the tenant refuses to file claim, the landlord as an additional insured can call and file the claim for you. AnswerThat is a good question. You are right to be cautious ask your insurance agent.

Does your landlord have to paint the apartment he is renting to a new renter?

Only if the place needs it.

If the landlord know you filled bankcrupcy while im renting apartment can they revoke?


If you are renting an apartment and the water heater suddenly starts leaking will the landlord's home insurance cover damage to books and comic books?

noAnswerNo, the landlord's insurance will only cover the contents of the landlord and not the renter. The renter should have their own insurance policy, called a tenants policy or HO-4

Can i rent a room from somebody other than the landlord?

Basically anyone you rent a room from IS your landlord. Now, if you're talking about renting a room from someone who happens to be renting from a landlord, it depends on whether that landlord allows the tenant to rent a room to someone else (this is called subletting). I would be very careful about renting a subletted area from a renter. As a subletted renter you dont' have any rights as you would if you were a normal renter. The actual landlord may not allow the renter to sublet, and the renter could be kicked out, as can you!

Can you cancel a term life insurance policy?

Yes. Term insurance is like renting insurance.

When renting an apt which includes utilities can a landlord include in the lease a clause for rent increase if utility usage is excessive?

If you signed the contract with that clause and there are no local laws contradicting the contract, yes. Check the laws in your area to be sure. The landlord in some regions can only increase the rent once per year and by a certain percentage. In this case, the landlord (under a yearly lease) needs to give proper notice of rent increase, usually 90 days. If the utilities are included in the rent, then I believe the landlord would have to follow those rules.