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no they cannot.

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Q: Can your landlord store his personal belongings at your home?
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Can a landlord remove your personal items and store them at your expense?

If you are not paying rent, then the landlord has the right to reclaim the home after giving notice. It seems to me that saving your belongings was a kindness, but if they had to go into storage, then you should be responsible to pay the going rate for that effort. Depending on your local laws, there may not be any requirement that the landlord care for your belongings.

Does a mobile home landlord have the right to personal property when mobile home is sold?

The mobile home owner has a right to personal property, NOT the landlord.

Can landlord deduct from security deposit because a personal belongings were left in the home after lease expiration?

In a situation like this, this depends on what the lease says the landlord can deduct from the security deposit. Most landlords will charge a fee for cleaning the unit after the tenant leaves, unless the unit is cleaned by the tenant, to the satisfaction of landlord.

How do you file a motion after being locked out as a renter in foreclosed home?

If you want your personal belongings file a claim and delivery complaint. or a injunction for relief after a conversion. ie landlord uses youyour yr things for his own personal use or sells it. Get a Lawyer

Can you keep your home and cars and personal belongings?

yes that's your right as an American.

When filing chapter 7 do they come to your home to check for personal belongings?

No. Such would be very unusual.

What if your wife burns her home and burns your personal belongings?

If a person intentionally burns down a building and belongings, it is arson. You should call the police and report the crime. In the divorce settlement, you can ask to be reimbursed for the damage she did to your personal items.

Does homeowners insurance cover renters belongings when their house was broken into and items were stolen?

If you are the owner of the house, and are renting to tenants (making you the landlord), then you only have insurance on the house (dwelling coverage - not homeowners coverage) and not the personal contents of the renters. In this case, no, your insurance will not cover their loss. It is the responsibility of the renters to purchase insurance coverage on their personal belongings. If you are the renter (tenant), then you have to buy contents coverage on your personal belongings, such as furniture, clothing, etc. The landlord is not responsible for your belongings, whether the loss is from robbery, fire, etc. In order to purchase homeowners insurance you have to own the home (but it can still be mortgaged) and you have to live in the home. Otherwise, you have to have a dwelling policy on the house if you want it insured, whether it's vacant or rented. If, however, there is still a mortgage on the house, the bank (or mortgage holder) will require you to have insurance on it. If the house is paid for, then it is at your discretion whether to have it insured or not, for the value of the house. But if you rent it out, your state may require that you carry liability insurance on it.

What is Personal Possessions Insurance?

Personal Possessions Insurance is a type of insurance to protect your belongings when you are away from home. Many different insurance companies offer this insurance.

Would full cover insurance cover personal belongings in a car if it is stolen along with the car for example a laptop?

no, just the car Ditto, the laptop computer and all other personal belongings would have to be claimed under a renter's or home-owner's insurance policy.

Who pays insurance on a rental home?

The owner will usually have a policy but if you are a renter, you should have a renters insurance policy to cover your personal belongings.

Can a SECOND mortgage line of credit take your personal belongings?

Mortgages are secured by the real property, not personal property. If the loan is not paid, a second mortgage line of credit may foreclose on the home but your personal belongings are NOT the collateral for the loan. The old popular image of creditors emptying your home of your belongings is largely a myth. You can only be forced to forfeit items used as collateral for a loan. You may be sued by your lender in some cases and face a judgment, and liens can be placed on bank accounts or against other property.

Is it harder to get a home insured if you have moved out and are now renting the property and can the mortgage company object to doing this and can they forbid renting it out?

No. Be sure you only insure the dwelling and not the contents inside. You should ask your tenants to have renters insurance to cover their personal belongings. Your mortgage company will require that you have adequate coverage but is not concerned with personal belongings inside the home. As far as I know, the mortgage company has no say in who lives in the home.

Can a landlord rent their personal home out to tenants in Atlanta Georgia?

A landlord can rent out his own home if desired, unless local laws prohibit this. If he does this then he may no longer qualify for homestead exemption on his real estate taxes. A landlord can also rent out rooms or other parts of the house to tenants if they so agree.

What is a example of a security code?

3457. Secruity codes act as protectors of your personal belongings. You can have one on your phone, car, home and just about everything.

I bought a house and want to insure it My granddaughter wants to live in it Why can't I get insurance for it as if I were living there and what if no one lived there or we use it as a vacation home?

Because you will have no interest in her contents(personal belongings)! You can insure it as a vacation home as long as it is occupied with your personal contents.

What if the Landlord dies while you are renting the home?

If the new owners are content with letting you rent the are fine. However, if they sell the building/house to someone who doesn't want to be a landlord you have to move. (Personal experience)

How can you prevent your brothers ex wife from removing his personal belongings from his home when he died in testate?

threaten to kill her with a gun! (or just simply change the locks)

What belongings are covered by home content insurance?

All personal belongings are usually covered by home content insurance. If you have something very valuable then it would always be sensible to get separate coverage for that item. Always make sure to read the fine print of your home content policy as some companies might exclude certain items.

What is the legal time limit a lessor has to be out of a home if the lessor loses the eviction process in court?

Sticky issue. Depends on the state. I would say no less than 3 days but it is dependent on what is considered legal notice properly served on the lessor. The landlord is responsible for safe storage of the lessor's belongings, typically. A person has a right to enter any building/residence to retrieve belongings - legally/sheriff. Work it out with landlord and get it in writing.

How do you prepare for volcanic eruptions?

Gather your personal belongings (mostly your favorite items) and some things you might need (ex: clothes toothbrush) and evactuate your home immediately.

What was an effect that the Civil War had on the average person living in the south?

Effects ranged from being killed/ wounded to losing everything you owned (money home, personal belongings).

Does Farmers Insurance offer home building insurance for contents and supplies?

Farmers Insurance offers home building insurance that covers your personal belongings such as supplies and contents. It also covers liability and medical payments.

How does being a landlord affect home insurance?

Being a landlord dramatically affects that individual's home owner's insurance policy. By being a landlord this individual is taking on/assuming a drastic increase.

What insurance companies offer Landlord insurance as a stand alone policy not connected to the rental property onwer's personal homeowner's insuranc policy?

Metlife does does offer that option.