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Can your minor stepchildren choose which parent they want to live with?

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2006-08-15 12:52:33

ohio's recognized adult age is 17. Otherwise, this will have to

be decided by the courts * Minor's of any age are not allowed to

choose who they wish to live with. The judge may interview the

underage person as to their feelings about their current living

arrangements, school, friends, and so forth and take such findings

into account. Custodial decisions are based solely on what is in

the best interest of the child/children and not on the preference

of any involved party. That being the case, the father would have

to file a petition to have the current custody order rescinded and

for him to be granted primary physical custody. FYI, Ohio's legal

age of majority is 18, the age at which a minor can be charged for

a crime under adult statutes is 17, they are completely different


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