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To claim a child as a dependent on your taxes, the child must have lived with you and you must have provided support for over 50% of the year. So the mother in this case can claim her grandson on her taxes if she supported the child for at least 183 days out of the year, regardless of whether or not the mother of the child owes back child support.

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Q: Can your mother claim your son on her taxes if you owe back child support?
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Can i claim child support that i get for my son on my taxes?


Can you claim child support on taxes?

Child support cannot be claimed on taxes. A payer of child support may be able to claim the child as a dependent, but the payments are not tax deductible or count as taxable income.

If you receive child support do you have to claim it on your income taxes?


Can you claim your financial support for your child on your taxes if child lives with other parent?

No, child support is not tax deductible by the payer.

Can you claim a child on your taxes if you are behind on child support?

You probably can't claim a child you're paying child support for period. The IRS rules generally work out that the custodial parent gets to claim the child.

Can a parent claim a child on their taxes if they have already gave up rights to the child?

You can only claim a child on your taxes if you provide at least 50% of the FINANCIAL support (through mortgage, food, clothing, education, etc.) for the child. If you provided at least 50% of the support for the child, then you can claim the child for the tax year in which you provided the support.

If you pay child support could you claim your child on your taxes?

only 1 parent can claim the child. whom ever the child lives with

If you are late on child support can you claim the child on taxes?

Being late or early or on time does is not determining on who gets to claim the child as a deduction

How does income taxes and child support work?

The custodial parent does not have to claim child support monies as income and the non custodial parent cannot claim it as a deduction.

Can a father claim a child on his taxes if he does not have custody or pay child support?

More than likely no.

Can i claim my child on my taxes even though i owe child support?

Do you have the child 51% of the time? see my profile no

Can a mother's boyfriend claim her child on taxes even if he has no legal custody?

If he was responsible for over 50% of the cost of the child, he can claim the child as a dependent. That would mean that no one else was entitled to claim the child, including the father and mother.

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