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Do you mean can she agree to emancipate you? Even if she's willing to agree to it, the court still has to approve it, which means that you would have to meet all of your state's requirements for emancipation, such as having the ability to fully support yourself.

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Q: Can your mother who has custody give you custody if you are 16?
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Does a mother have to give the father sole custody of her child?


If mother wants to give full custody of the child to the father what does she have to do?

It is very rare that a Mother wants to give full custody of a child to the Father. To this all a Mother would have to do is choose to sign and give up her rights to the child in court.

You will be 16 in Sept your grandfather has custody you want to live with your Mother can you ask now to go live with her or do you have to wait till you turn 16 you live in Texas?

Your mother will have to request a change of custody. You cannot do it yourself.

Can mother with sole custody give child custody to grandmother in case of death?

As long as the Grandmother is willing and able to take custody of the child.

Can the biological mother get custody of son that lives with the adopted father?

Yes, she can. All she has to do is press suit to have custody awarded, or convince him to give her custody.

Can a mother give temporary custody to someone if they go to the navy?

Yes she can unless the father share custody. Then they will go to him.

Can a mother give the father custody of an unborn?

No, the child has to be born first.

How does a parent relinquish custody of a 16 yr old delinquent?

mother or father?

You have custody of your 16 yr old but you still pay her mother child support her mother wont sign her over legally what can you do?

File a motion to modify custody. see links

16 yo sons recently declared gay mother has custody but moved out of town within state with her partner Can he refuse to return to her after a visit with dad?

No, not if the mother has custody. Also, the fact that the mother is gay is irrelevant information.

How do you go about giving full custody back to the mother?

If you have custody of your child and you want to give full custody back to the mother, you need to file new papers with the court. The papers will make the change in custody legal. There does not need to be a trial when both parents agree on what's best for the child unless the mother was found to be unfit.

Can a mother give up a child if father wants custody?

If they are going through a divorce

Can a noncustodial mother give full costudy to father?

The courts grant or withhold custody.

Does the father get custody if the mother dies?

The father would be the favored person to get legal custody if the mother had custody and died unless he was found to be unfit to have custody.

The agreement between 2 parents is custody to mother but weekends for father if the mother dies who would get custody?

the father gets the custody of the child if the mother dies

Can father who no longer wants custody of child keep mother from having it back?

No that is up to the judge. The father has no such authority. All he can do is provide truthful and sufficient evidence to the court as to why the mother shouldn't have custody. The court will evaluate the situation and render a decision.If the father wants to give up custody the mother will be the next logical choice of the court. The only reasons why a mother would be denied custody is if she has been declared unfit or she refuses to take legal custody.

Can an unwed mother give custody of her child to her mother?

It depends on the circumstances. If the father wants custody the court will consider his request once he has established his paternity. If he does not the court may approve permanent guardianship in the grandmother.

Can a Noncustodial mother relinquish custody to custodial father?

If the mother is already the non-custodial parent, then the custodial father already has custody. If the question is meant to ask if the mother can give up her parental rights, then you would need to petition the court.

Marriage when a mother has custody of adult but then adult get married who has custody wife or mother?


Can a mother give custody to the father without giving her rights?

Of course, but it best to do it using a mediator.

Can 16-year-old live with their dad without the consent of their mother if she has full custody?


Can a mother who does not want her unborn child give custody to a friend to raise as her own?

Custody of children cannot be passed around like custody of purses or shoes. This arrangement will have to go through the courts.

Who has custody if the child lives with you full time in pa?

And you are? If the parents were not married the mother has custody until the father can petition for it after he has proved paternity in court. If married you have equal custody. Just living with you does not give you custody. it has to go through court.

Does the parents have to give custody of their 16 year old daughter to another family to do school or live at another persons house?

They do not have to give up custody. They should appoint a guardian to represent them.

Can a 16-year-old in Kentucky who was sent to her father's leave there and go with her grandmother if her mother has custody?

If mother has custody, then she has all the say until the girl turns 18. If she objects, then the girl must obey.