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Can your name be on the title and registration and insurance while not on the car loan?

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The answer to this question is YES. Unfortunately dealerships can make mistakes and different names can be sent to the state department of motor vehicles and to the finance company. If this happens, it is a very difficult, if not impossible condition to correct.

2015-07-15 18:39:03
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Where do you get title insurance?

You obtain title insurance from a licensed title insurance agent; I would not purchase it from a captive agent (that is, from the lender providing my loan, or from the realtor listing/selling the house).

Can you still get insurance and registration if your hiding from a loan company on a vehicle?

If you have defaulted on your loan and not returned the vehicle, then you have basically committed a theft.

Can a title loan add there name to your registration without you being present or having a signed title?

No. that is illegal. you must be present.

What happens if you Car title loan in default and car is totaled?

Typically you need a car with insurance to get a title loan. If your car is totaled, the loan company are entitled to that money since they hold the title for your car.

How do you transfer registration of a car if loan is in another name?

The loan must be paid off first so the lender will release the title.

Can I add my mothers name to my car registration if she is not on the loan?

Yes, you can add anyone to the title you want.

How do you get your car title from Bank of America?

The only way to get your car title back from the Bank of America is to pay of the loan that the title is collateral for. If the loan is paid off, they will send you the title in the mail.

Where can one learn about title insurance?

You can learn about Title Insurance through your bank, if you are taking a loan out for a mortgage on your house, then you will need to make sure you have Title Insurance. You can also learn about whether you need it or want it through Title Insurance agencies that offer information about this specifically.

Your son gave you a truck as a gift you are on the title vehicle is insured and registered in your name He is in default on his loan Can the bank repossess your vehicle?

If there is a loan against the car then the bank is on the title and they own the car, your name would be on the registration but not on the title, so yes they can repo it. If you have the actual title in hand then their is no loan on it and you own the car.

Can you get a loan while on ei?

Does a loan from a family member affect my Employment Insurance in Ontario

What is tax title and loan?

When you purchase a car you have to pay: Tax: Sales Tax, Licensing Title: You have to pay the state to register the vechicle (and be given the title to the car) Loan: the loan for the car and the associated fees Those various costs are often referred to as the Tax, Title, and Loan costs of a car. A 10,000 car may have a 6% sales tax (600 bucks!) registration may run you a few hundred, and then any loan fees (normally rolled into the loan).

What type of title insurance is requested by lenders?

A Lender will require a Lenders Title Insurance policy if they are extending credit on a property. The Lenders title insurance policy is based off of the Loan amount that the borrower receives. It will only protect the lenders interest in the property if a problem arises on title.

If you finance a car do you need to be on the insurance?

Not where I live (Iowa). Title and loan are in my name, insurance is in girlfriends. And that's 2 diff vehicles.

What happens to balance on car title loan when car is stolen?

Every car obtained on loan definitely is an insured one.One gives loan on insurance basis only.

What is a title loan?

'Title Loan' is a loan you will be getting of having a car loan on your on name.

What do you need to do to a title before you send it to an insurance company?

Nothing. In fact, they don't require a copy of the title. I recently got my pink slip and called my insurance and had them take off the loan company. That was it .

Who owns the car if the registration is in one name and the car loan is in another name?

The entity recorded on the TITLE is or business. On occation, the registration may be different, or the borrower may be different.

What is the cost of title insurance in the state of Missouri?

It depends on the purchase price of the home, and if you are refinancing, the loan amount.

If your friend takes over your payments while the car remains in your name can he get full coverage insurance and list the lien holder you make payments to?

Your name must be on the Title or Loan in order to get car insurance under your name. Otherwise this is considered Insurance Fraud. It is punishable by the law.

Where do you purchase title insurance?

When purchasing or refinancing a home, you will have settlement conducted by a Title Company, the title company is also the licensed title insurance provider. Up to two policies will be issued. Maryland Specific: If you are purchasing a property and taking out a loan, the lender will require a Lenders Title Insurance Policy. And you will have the option of purchasing an owners title insurance policy for your protection. If you are refinancing your current home then the lender will only require the lender's policy. In both instances the title insurance policies will be issued at the time of closing.

I took out a car loan in my own name but I am not on the registration the car owner can not drive any more can I have the registration switch to me if I take over the payments.?

You must have the car owner sign the title over to you and then you can obtain a Certificate of Title in your own name. In fact, you should do it ASAP.

What documents are needed to register a used car in Connecticut?

You need : * Title in the name of the seller * Bill of sale (or that portion of the reverse of the title filled out and signed by the seller) * Proof of release of lien, if the previous owner recently paid off a car loan (the paperwork from the bank may not have been entered into the DMV computer system yet) * Proof of insurance for that vehicle for the buyer * Registration form * Registration fee

How much does a title insurance producer make a year?

Title Insurance Producer - somebody who sells the Title Insurance. $$$ per year - depends on the market and quantity of contacts, whom they getting business from - mortgage/loan officers, real estate lawyers and etc. It can be from 20K to 500K or even higher.

Can title insurance be transferred when refinancing a mortgage?

Typically, a Loan/Mortgage policy cannot be transferred to a new loan as the title coverage is unique to each loan. The mortgage coverage on a loan ends when the loan is paid off and satisfied, that is why new coverage is taken out on the new loan. However, in the case of a Mortgage Modification of an existing loan, the coverage may be extended to cover the existing loan and the new loan amount of the Modification. There would still be title charges for the changes in the Mortgage Modification coverage in most cases.

Can I get my name off the title and loan of my ex-son in law's van if he still has a loan on the van?

The loan must be paid off and you must sign the title over in order to get the title and loan out of your name and responsibility.The loan must be paid off and you must sign the title over in order to get the title and loan out of your name and responsibility.The loan must be paid off and you must sign the title over in order to get the title and loan out of your name and responsibility.The loan must be paid off and you must sign the title over in order to get the title and loan out of your name and responsibility.