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Can your parent decide who you visit or see?


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Yes, your parent can decide who you visit or see especially if you are still a minor. Concerned parents do not want you to hang around with the wrong kind of people. That's why most parents suggest to meet the person that your visiting or seeing.


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A 15 year old can decide which parent to live with at a divorce.

I don't see how. If the parent does not want to see the child. I don't see any court ordering the parent to visit the child. the answer is no

I think that children of 12 years and more may decide to visit parents in Texas

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A child must be eight years old and state in court that he or she does not want to visit the non-custodial parent.

Yes. If there is no court ordered visitation schedule in place the parent who has primary custody has the right to decide the place, time and other conditions of the visit.

An minor can't decide to not see a non-custodial parent -- if there's a court order, it will continue until the minor is of age, 18.

If you're in the US, the child can decide at 18. Until then if the non-custodial parent has a visitation order that must be followed. If there is a legitimate reason why the child does not want to visit, then the custodial parent needs to go to court and request that the visitation order be changed.

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I would guess it would be at 16 because you have priority

Yes. The non custodial parent has every right to see his or her child. And there is a huge misconception that a child can decide which parent they prefer to live with or decide they don't want to visit the other parent when they reach a certain age. The fact is, it is NOT the child's decision to make, but the judge's.So unless the non custodial parent has been found unfit, abusive, etc., the child has to concede to the visitation rights.Furthermore, the custodial parent should encourage the child to want to visit with the other parent. Children need both parents, and no parent should ever be deprived of spending time with their child unless they are unfit, abusive, etc.

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Children should be able to visit a parent in prison as long as the parent did not do an offense against the child. It should also be up to the child if they want to see their parent in prison.

Usually by age 12 they can effectively understand the situation and give their own opinion on whether or not to see their absent parent.

A 16 year old will need the court's consent to modify the visitation order if the 16 year old decides not to visit their non-custodial parent.

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