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Yes, they can call the police. The legal age to move out is 18 and no marraige is legal at that age until your parents give consent. So you are a runaway and have an illegal marraige which will not be recognized by law. Hopefully the girl is under 18 because if she is not, then she could be charged with statitory rape for having sex with a minor. The problems are piling up, do you really want to start out a married/family life like this?

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Q: Can your parents do anything if you run away and elope when you are 16 and the girl is pregnant?
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What it is called to run away and get married?


What is the word for running away to marry?


What is a five letter word that means to run away to get married?

run away to get married= elope

What is a synonym for run away?

The phrase "run away" (leave) can have the synonyms abandon, abscond, escape, flee, and elope.

When lovers run away to be together it is termed 'elope' - what is the term for lovers separated by circumstances or distance yet long to be together?

its called a long term relationship.

Can you have a bridal shower if you plan to elope?

No you can't, because to elope means you're running away to get married and a bridal shower is held so that a couple can can get gifts for a new home.

Can a pregnant 17 year old from California get married in Georgia without parents consent?

No. At 17 you are a minor, pregnant or not, and if you leave the state without your parents permission that makes you a run away.

What does elope mean?

to secretly run away and get married

How do you make your parents not take anything away if you show them bad grades?

get better grades

If a pregnant 16 year old run away due to her mother putting her under stress trying to make her have a miscarriage what will happen?

Your mom can get you as a run-away. And you will be sent to detention. i know from expeirence. Just don't let her get to you. Cops will believe anything your PARENTS say.

Pregnant and 15 what to do?

Tell your parents or a trusted adult right away so you can get the medical and emotional support that you need.

Why discipline problems occur?

Kids dont want to listen to parents+Parents think they cant discipline them=kids get away with almost anything.

You are 15 and your girlfriends Pregnant?

You need to be there for her. Your parents may want you to move away, I have friends who have been in that situation. You are the one who made her pregnant, so you should stay by her side.

Can your pregnant teen in Michigan get taken away from you because she got pregnant?

Maybe. The state would have to prove that the parents do not provide the teen with a proper environment, or that she is abused or neglected. The fact that she got pregnant is probably not enough in and of itself, but the fact that she got pregnant may be a symptom of the fact that her parents are allowing inappropriate behavior or failing to supervise her.

When you turn eighteen can your parents take your stuff that you purchased away?

If you purchased anything or, anything was given to you for your personal use (NOT to your parents for your use - but directly to YOU), then YOU own it. Legally not even your parents, can take it away. As a practical matter however, this might be difficult to prove, especially if you wish to remove absolutely everything you CLAIM is yours, from your parents home. You had better be able to show proof.

What does a 15 year old boy do when his girlfriend is pregnant?

You need to be there for her. Your parents may want you to move away, I have friends who have been in that situation. You are the one who made her pregnant, so you should stay by her side.

How does Paris steal Helen?

Aphrodite made all things possible. Paris seduced Helen, and persuaded her to come away with him to illicitly elope.

How do you log on to the Black Chronical Newspaper?

do not get pregnant it is bad i had a child at age 13 my parents don't know b/c i ran away

What is another word for run away?

Words and phrases that have the same meaning are: escape, flee, run off, abscond, elope, abandon, or turn your back on.

Is it legal for school to take away cell phones and charge to get it back in Texas?

It is not legal to take anything away in schools and charge to get it back, although you may have to have your parents get it from the office for you.

If a boy semen is in you but you dont get pregnant right away can his semen still be in side of you developing?

No, semen by and of itself doesn't "develop" in to anything else.

Is it normal for a pregnant woman to have a stronger vaginal odor and is there anything that can be done about it?

yes. When pregnant the body is thinking that there is a unknown substance in the body so it produces extra mucas and stuff. I have never found a cure when I was pregnant but the odor did go away as my term went on.

If your pregnant at 15 can your parents restrain the babies father from seeing you?

Your parents do have some legal right to keep the father away from the baby because of your age but they must have some kind of proff proving that this is in the best intrest of the child.

I just had a baby how long does it take to get pregnant?

You can get pregnant straight away

If a 17 years old is pregnant does her parents have a right to say what she can do with the baby?

No, otherwise the government would have the power to take the child away. grandparents are just that. at best they are bystanders.