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Q: Can your parents force you to live at home if you are 16?
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Can you live with your parents and have a baby at 16?

I believe you can as long as your parents support you decision to keep the baby and still live at home, my parents and i decided that if i got pregnant when i am 16 that i can still live at home and keep the baby if i choose but i have to finish school. It all depends on how you and your parents feel.

If you are sixteen and you leave home and move in with your sister can the police force you to go home?

Well, it all depends, at 16 until you're 18, everything is parental consent. You can live with your sister, but if your parents want you home, you have to come home, if you refuse, the police can force you back home. -Katelyn

Your 17 and you moved out of your parents house and they forced you back home and they have been threating your boyfriend and you dont want to live with your parents what can you do to get out?

Leave, At 16 you are legally allowed to move out. Move out and don't let them force you back Leave, At 16 you are legally allowed to move out. Move out and don't let them force you back

Is it illegal to be kick out of your home when you are 16?

It might be a problem if the parents do not provide an alternative place to live, but they don't have to let you live in their home.

How can a parent force a 16 year old to move back home after living with family members for 2 years?

The parents are responsible for them until they are an adult. Yes, they get to determine where they live.

Can a 16 year old live with her 19 year old boyfriend in her parents home legally?

Yes if the parents agree to it.

Can a girl move out her parents house at 16 if she is pregnant?

a pregnant 16 year old can move out of her parents home if she is legal to give consent and live with her baby's father.

Can you move to your grandparents home without your parents permission at age 16 and live in California?

of course

Can a 16 year-old girl leave home and live with her boyfriend with parents permission?


Can a 16 year old leave home and live with grandparents without parents approval in Illinois?

No, until they turn 18 or are emancipated, the parents determine where their children live.

Can a 16 year old move in with her 18 year old boyfriend in his parents home?

As long as she has her parents' permission. Otherwise they need to live where their parents say.

What if you live in a unstable home with your parents and you are 16 then can you move out?

If there is a court order. Otherwise, you have to wait until you are an adult.

Can a 16-year-old chose to live away from home?

{| |- | No they really cannot make that choice. Until they are adults a 16 year old remains the responsibility of their parents. That includes the parents determining where thay can live. |}

Can a 16 year old move out of home and live with a cousin even though your parents do not accept?

No, your parents have custody of you and therefore have to consent to you being emancipated.

Can you leave home when I am 16 years old you Texas?

Not at 16 in Texas, until you are an adult, the parents are responsible for you. That would be 18 and until then they determine where you live.

Can you leave home at 16 in NY state to live with girlfriend?

No, legally you cannot move out at 16 to live with a girlfriend. You become an adult the age of 18 in New York. Until that age your parents are responsible for you and where you live.

How can a 16-year old in Wisconsin leave home and live with his 18-year old girlfriend?

With his parents' permission he can live anywhere.

Can a 16 or 17 year old legally move out of parents home in Illinois?

Not without the permission of their parents. Until they reach the age of majority, which is 18 in Illinois, their parents determine where they live.

Can a 16 year old make the decision to live in a group home?

no they cannot it depends on the officers if their parents is not in that country or not in his/her site

Can a 16-year-old leave home and live with someone other than his parents?

If his parents allow him to, certainly. It does not relieve them of the responsibility for his care and welfare.

Can you move out of parents home at 16?

The age of sixteen is not the same age as eighteen. Until you turn 18 and are an adult, the law says the parents are responsible for the minor and where they live.

Can you legally leave home at the age of 16 and live with someone else?

Only if you have parental permission. Until you are an adult, your parents are responsible for you. That includes determining where you live.

Can a 16 year old girl move in with a man 39 years old in the uk?

Yes, you can move out at 16 in the UK. However if this particular man is right to live with I can not answer and if your parents or social service don't feel the place fill the criteria of a suitable and safe home and that you can support yourself, they can get a court order and force you to come home.

16 year old moves out of parents house do the parents have to pay support?

Nope ... and why should they? The 16 year old is the one who is leaving, not the parents. It is obvious that the 16 year old no longer wants or desires to live at home, and moving out they also lose the right for any parental support.

How can you leave home at 16 and not be considered a runaway in Mississippi?

Have the permission of your parents. Until you reach the age of majority, you are their responsibility. They get to determine where you live.