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Can your parents keep you from seeing the father of your baby?


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2015-07-15 20:42:16
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She can if your under 18. And she also can if he's like four years or three years older than you and you are under 18 and he's 18 or over because that's statutory rape. She can get him locked up if you guys are still having sexual relations. But he has the right to see his kid and when he goes see his kid then he will see you. If you want to be alone with him and your mom won't let you then just try to talk to her. Tell her you love him and he is the babys father. Make him come to your house and tell your mom how much he loves you and wants to be with you.

To the person who responded: If this poster was under the age of sexual consent for her state when she got pregnant, then her parents can have the young man arrested rather this couple is still having sex or not. The fact that the girl is pregnant is a big *clue* that they were having sex. And once the baby is born a simple DNA test will prove the young man's guilt. In many states, and maybe in all, rather or not this man is 1/2/3/4/20 years older makes little difference. The age difference simply changes the degree of the felony, but it's still a felony.

Yes, indeed, this father has the right to see his kid. Just like he has the responsibility to support it. But without a court order, this poster's parents do not have to allow this man on their property, and they can have him arrested for being there.

Legally, in most states once you can prove you are pregnant you are emancipated. It might vary state to state, but if you happen to be emancipated then no there is NOTHING they can do about you seeing him. No! Being pregnant does NOT make you emancipated in any state!


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Your parents do have some legal right to keep the father away from the baby because of your age but they must have some kind of proff proving that this is in the best intrest of the child.

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Yes, they can. Once the baby is born he can seek visitation rights to the child in court, but he only has rights to see the child, not the mother.

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nope. if the father is indeed the biological father then he has rights that can not be taken away unless he willingly gives it up by sighning off his rights or it is cort ordered. but in no way can the mother of a child regardless of the age of the child keep the father from seeing his son/and of daughter.

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"Honor thy father and mother...." Don't keep secrets from your parents.

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