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She can if your under 18. And she also can if he's like four years or three years older than you and you are under 18 and he's 18 or over because that's statutory rape. She can get him locked up if you guys are still having sexual relations. But he has the right to see his kid and when he goes see his kid then he will see you. If you want to be alone with him and your mom won't let you then just try to talk to her. Tell her you love him and he is the babys father. Make him come to your house and tell your mom how much he loves you and wants to be with you.

To the person who responded: If this poster was under the age of sexual consent for her state when she got pregnant, then her parents can have the young man arrested rather this couple is still having sex or not. The fact that the girl is pregnant is a big *clue* that they were having sex. And once the baby is born a simple DNA test will prove the young man's guilt. In many states, and maybe in all, rather or not this man is 1/2/3/4/20 years older makes little difference. The age difference simply changes the degree of the felony, but it's still a felony.

Yes, indeed, this father has the right to see his kid. Just like he has the responsibility to support it. But without a court order, this poster's parents do not have to allow this man on their property, and they can have him arrested for being there.

Legally, in most states once you can prove you are pregnant you are emancipated. It might vary state to state, but if you happen to be emancipated then no there is NOTHING they can do about you seeing him. No! Being pregnant does NOT make you emancipated in any state!

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Q: Can your parents keep you from seeing the father of your baby?
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If your pregnant at 15 can your parents restrain the babies father from seeing you?

Your parents do have some legal right to keep the father away from the baby because of your age but they must have some kind of proff proving that this is in the best intrest of the child.

Can the parents of a pregnant minor keep the minor from seeing the father of the baby?

Yes, they can. Once the baby is born he can seek visitation rights to the child in court, but he only has rights to see the child, not the mother.

If the parents get divorce and they have a baby boy to whom it belongs father or mother to keep the child?

Answer That depends on what a court will say.

Can the mother of a 2 month old baby keep the father from seeing the child if they have never been married when the father wants to support and help with care?

nope. if the father is indeed the biological father then he has rights that can not be taken away unless he willingly gives it up by sighning off his rights or it is cort ordered. but in no way can the mother of a child regardless of the age of the child keep the father from seeing his son/and of daughter.

Is the mother allowed to keep the baby from the father if he has parental rights?

No. You would need to go to court to ask for a modification in visitation in order to deny him seeing his child.

How do you keep a secret from your parents?

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Can a mother still keep her child from seeing the father even if he doesn't pay child support?

Can a mother still keep her child from seeing the father even if he doesn't pay child support?"

Can you live with your parents and have a baby at 16?

I believe you can as long as your parents support you decision to keep the baby and still live at home, my parents and i decided that if i got pregnant when i am 16 that i can still live at home and keep the baby if i choose but i have to finish school. It all depends on how you and your parents feel.

How do you help baby bird eggs?

Make sure the parents keep them incubated. If the parents are terrible parents, or if the egg has no parents, then get a good incubator to keep the at the right temperature.

Should a 15 year old mother keep her baby?

keep the baby so it will have a real mother and father not a foster

How do you make kids in Virtual Families?

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If a 16 year old daughter had a baby with an 18 year old boy could her parents keep him from the baby?

No. They can keep their child from him but they have no right to keep him from his child.

Can a health care clause keep you from seeing your father in his casket?

Not normally unless your father dies of some terribly infectious disease.

If a minor gets pregnant can their parents decide if they keep it or not?

no the pregnant teens parents can not decide if the teen keeps the baby or not.

If you have a baby at fifteen will it be taken away from you?

Debating on your lifestyle, then yes. But for the most part, if you keep the baby or not is your parents and your descion.

If you are about to be 17-years-old and are pregnant by a 19-year-old can your parents make you give up the baby or keep you away from the father so you and your baby will never see him again?

no you are over sixteen you have the right to do what you want if i were you id keep it just shag up again

If you and your girlfriend are both 15 and she's pregnant and you both have jobs but her mother and father want the baby because they can't have another one can your girlfriend keep the baby?

If Your Girlfriend And You Are Both 15. But Have JobsAnd She's Pregnant. But Her Mother And Father Want The Baby Because They Can't Have Another Of Their Own Can Your Girlfriend Keep The Baby?Perhaps you are misunderstanding your girlfriend's parents. She is far too young to manage looking after a baby and certainly neither of you can afford the expenses of this little babe. Her parents obviously want their daughter to finish her education and are willing to help raise this child and I have no doubt your parents feel the same. I can't see her parents wanting to just "take the baby" and raise it while their daughter watches them knowing all the time (with pain in her heart) that is her child and not theres. They are the grandparents and she is the birth mother!!!!Yes, your girlfriend can fight for the rights of remaining the mother of that child, but this is what I wish you would do:I think it's time your parents and her parents sat down together with you and your girlfriend present and decide what is best for the baby. There are two ways they can go:Put the baby up for adoption.Your parents and her parents come to an understanding that they are grandparents and her parents help their daughter raise this child while your parents have some rights to see this baby if they so choose and you, being the father should be able to help out where you can and try to be the father to this baby.I know adults can sometimes appear to be unfeeling when it comes to this. You be the first to stand your ground (even at 15) and talk to your parents first and ask them politely if they would meet with her parents (hopefully they will say yes) and then be a man (if you are old enough to create a baby, you are old enough to stand on your own two feet) and politely tell her parents that your parents are willing to meet and the 6 of you can sit down and work something out that will make all of you reasonably happy.I also would like you to be firm on this and tell your parents and hers, that just because both of you are 15 doesn't mean you don't have feelings, and both of you will be an responsible as you can and help out where you can. There is no way most women (no matter what age) really want to give up their baby to adoption or to parents or any other relative.I think it's time your parents and hers started to see how much they can especially hurt your girlfriend, but also yourself. Everyone is hurting, but the main concern is that unborn baby. If you both want that child then fight for it!AnswerIt's you're baby. I think if she wants to keep the baby by all means keep the baby. By law if she hasn't had any problems with drugs or anything then she can legally keep the baby. When she has the baby she will considered an adult(mother of said baby).If you want that baby then you might as well raise it with your girlfriend and maybe if you really feel that having that baby was wrong without marrying the girl; if you feel like it ask her to marry you.

Can your parents keep you from seeing or talking to the person you date legally?

Yes but only if theres a court descesion behind it

IF unwed woman says that you could be the father and she wants to put baby up for adoption and the father want to keep the baby if it is his what does he need to do to make that happen?

Get a lawyer right away!

If the father does not sign the birth certificate because the baby does not have his last name and baby goes with him can he keep the baby?

Not without a court order see link

Can you give your baby up for adoption if the father is unknown?

yes if you want to or you can just keep him/her

If a baby is never adopted how do they get a last name?

They keep the last name of their original parents.

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