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Can your parents kick you out then call the police on you?

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Depending on what you did... yes.

2006-07-25 23:17:34
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What will happen if you swear at walmart?

You will get kick out of the store or they will call the police.

How do you get a eighteen out of the house?

You can kick them out at eighteen, tell them to leave. If they don't, you can call the police.

What happens to a child when they call the police on their parents?

It depends on the reason for the call and the outcome of the police visit. If the child calls to report the parents for a crime, and the parents are arrested, the child will probably be placed with a family member or child services.

What happens if your parents kick you out at 16 in Iowa?

That's illegal. Call the police. If they don't listen, file a civil law suit. Parents must provide for a child until the child is 18 unless the child has given reason to be jailed, etc.

Pregnant by an overage guy and you underage?

Call the police and talk to your parents

What can you do if your tenant rips up the three day notice you put on the door?

Kick him in the teeth then call the police.

Can parents kick out a minor in nh?

No, that's illegal. Call the Child Protective Agency if this is happening to you.

What do you do if your parents don't take you to the doctor when you are sick?

you call the police it's illegal

Can you call the cops when your parents hit on your face?

Yes you have every right to tell the police that your parents hit you in the face.

What should you do if your parents touch you inappropriately?

Call the Police. Make sure you can have Grandparents or like a Best Friends house you can stay at. But seriously, you really should call the police.

What is correct call a police or call the police?

call a policeman or police officer. Call the police force.

Parents are fighting what do you do?

if someone is in physical danger call the police on your local emergency number

What can a ten year old do if they're being physically abused by their parents?

You should call the police.

How do you run a way Because of your parents abuse you?

Call the police in private. Explain your situation, and they will help you.

Can one of your parents take call the cops on you if you leave without their permission?

Parents can either call the cops on you, or for you. They can call the police and tell them that you are to hard to handle as a child. The police would probably contact Child Protective Services, and they would either place in a home where you are easier to maintain and watch. They could also put you in Juvenile Hall if you break more serious rules. They can also call the cops if they didn't know where you were and the police would find you. The police would probably call the DSS (Department of Social Services).

Can you leave your parents at age 17 with out getting in trouble?

You will only be able to leave your parents home at 17 with permission. the parents can call the police if you leave before you are 18.

What do you do while being robbed?

kick the robber in his balls;; lol or call the police( well u can't actually do that WHILE being robbed) so try to remember his appearance and then called the police after and then tell the police about the robber's appearance

You think your friend stole your ipod what should you do?

Call them up and ask them if they have "seen" your IPod. If you have proof that they have it talk to their parents and if you need to call the police.

Can the police make a 17 year old come home at 10 00pm if the parent call the police?

The laws are different in every state but most likely yes if you are 17 your parents can call the police to return you home, You are not an adult until you are 18.

Parents want to kick me out of the house?

they can kick you out at 18 or ditch you in an orphanage

Can your parents call the police on a family helping you after you moved out at the age of 17 in South Carolina?

Yes anyone can???

What rights do 15 yr olds havein police custody?

Not much. A call to parents is the place to start.

Will a 17-year-old in Ohio be charged as a runaway if they leave home without parental consent?

Yes you will be charged as a runaway(if your parents call the police)the only way to move out of your parents house is if you get married(which your parents have to sign for if your under 18). There is no emansipation law in Ohio so that is also out of the question. so if your parents don't call the police on you then your in the clear.

How do you ask your ex girlfriends parents to date their daughter again?

Kick their door in, and invade their privacy. Yeah then they can call the cops and get you arrested.

How do you get to Colorado without parents?

Unless you are emancipated, or your have your parents' permission, you don't. You can run away, but your parents have every right to call the police and have you brought back. You are essentially property until you are 18.