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If a minor child is being abused or neglected, the obligated parent paying the child support can (and should) request an investigation by the state's department of child protective services. The court does not monitor the use of child support monies if the child has not been neglected, abused or is living in an environment which could be considered unsuitable. For example, if the minor child is not receiving necessities, food, clothing, medical care, education, and so forth; and it can be proven that the custodial parent used the support money for drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc. there could be grounds for prosecution of that individual and the minor would in all likelihood be made a "ward of the state".

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Don't both parents have an obligation to financially support their child?

Yes. Both parents are legally responsible for he support of their minor child[ren].

Can a parent refuse child support?

The parents should get the court's permission in this situation. This is because, legally speaking, a child is entitled to the support of both parents.

Do minor parents of a child pay child support?

Yes they do. In some cases their parents can also be sued for child support until the minor parent can do it by themselves.

If you marry a man that owes child support can they garnish the wife's wages?

No, only biological parents or parents who have legally adopted a minor child are responsible for the financial support of that child/children.

Are father and stepmom responsible for child support?

The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.

If both parents have joint custody and the child will live with both parents do either of them have to legally pay child support?

One of the parents would have to file a petition for child support before the court would address the issue.

Can child support be terminated if child is removed from custodial parents home due to abuse?

Yes the child support can be revoked since the parent receiving support is no longer legally supporting the child

Does a father still have to pay child support if the child has a baby before the age of 18?

Yes. It is the parents responsibility to provide support to a child until they are 18, or 19 and in school. If that child has given birth it is of no consequence in terms of child support unless the child was legally emancipated. Having a baby does not legally emancipate a minor.

Does the father have to pay child support if the child lives on their own?

Usually it deppends on the state that you live in and their laws. In the state that i live in, at the age of 17 the child can move out of the families household and the parents still have to pay for the child's living. that is only if the parents sign a paper so that the child is legally responsible for themselves.

Can a pregnant immigrant woman get child support?

Yes, if they are legal, and the male is a legal immigrant. There are immigrants that are illegal. that does not apply to them, as they themselves could not legally apply for child support.

Are you required to pay child support if you can't see your child?

Yes, child support and visitation and/or custodial matters are two completely different legal matters. All parents are legally required to financially support their minor biological or legally adopted children regardless of the circumstances.

Can an illegal child get child support if both parent are illegal also?

Well, if you are illegal, you don't have access to the courts which can order child support. The parents would have to do it themselves.

Do the parents of a 15-year-old boy have to pay child support to the 16-year-old mother of his child?

No, they are not legally obligated to support their son's child.

Can the parents agree on a child support amount and submit to the Office of Child Support?

Most countries do allow an agreement to be written up between parents detailing their own child support amounts. Please be aware that this should be legally done and shown to child support so that it is not held against someone in the case of your relationship turning sour.

Who pays child support and why?

In the US, parents are legally responsible for their children to at least age 18 and sometimes much longer, depending on the laws of the State in which the child resides and whether the child is severely handicapped. Absent parents may be ordered to pay support.

Can a healthy 20yr turning 21 in 7 weeks child obtain a guardian of person for themselves and then sue parents for support in nys?

You are only a child in the eyes of your parents, and especially with that attitude, legally you are an adult and have to support yourself. In some states child support has to be paid to the custodial parent until the child is 21 if they go to college. If you got a guardian now they would have the right to decide everything for you but not support you. Only parents have to do that until legal age or longer if you are mentally disabled for instance. So you better get a job like all the other adults.

Child is not legally yours but lived with you for almoist 2 years are you due support from parents?

Yes, but you need to file a child in need of care motion.

Who invented child support?

There was no "inventor" of child support. Parents have been held legally responsible for their children for centuries - probably since children were invented. Otherwise, the community and/or the State ends up supporting the child.

Can a child whose 18 years old file child support on a parent?

Probably not worth your time. At eighteen, you are legally an adult and should be supporting yourself. Child support is usually an agreement between parents to provide for their child.

What age is a child with an disabilities legally an adult?

An exception to the rule that parents' duty to support their children ends at the children's majority occurs when the child is disabled. In cases where the child is disabled, mentally or physically, and therefore unable to support himself/herself upon reaching the age of majority most states have adopted the rule that parents have a duty to support their adult disabled children. Most often, courts define "disability" in economic terms, i.e., the inability of the adult disabled child to adequately care for himself/herself by earning a living by reason of mental or physical infirmity. States differ as to whether support for an adult disabled child is determined by the state's child support guidelines or by the needs of the child as balanced by the parents' ability to provide support. In the case the child CAN support themselves then they'd be legally an adult at their states normal age of majority which is generally 18.

How does a child divorce themselves form their parent?

Its called "Emancipation", and generally its with teenage kids who want to be free from their parents. The child would have to prove they are able to support themselves on their own.

Ward of the state child support?

The parents of a ward of the state will not receive any child support. They were determined to be unfit parents, and do not have a child to support.

I adopted a boy whose parents' rights were terminated The boy ran away to his parents Do I have to pay child support?

A great deal will depend on how legally was the boy adopted? But if it was done legally then you pay nothing.

Do you owe your child's mother child support if the child has a child of her own?

Yes. You have to legally support the child until she is 18; the only way you don't have to is if the court terminates the child support. You cannot (legally) decide yourself that you no longer have to take care of your child.

Does a father has to pay child support for a child who has had a baby?

Parents have to pay until their child is emancipated and can support themselves. Pregnancy does not do any of those things so yes, you have to pay for your child just like she has to pay for hers.

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