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If you're a minor and you have not been emancipated, then yes, they can have you picked up and brought back home.

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Q: Can your parents make you come back home if you move out without permission?
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To leave without permission with no intent to come back.?

That is to desert.

Can you move out at 17 in Missouri without your parent making you come home?

Not if you do not have permission from your parents. You will have to wait until you turn 18.

If you and your friends want to move from Nevada to Arizona and you're all 16 and do not have your parents' permission but all have jobs and an apartment can your parents make you come back home?

Yes, they can.

If you have a friend that is being abused by her mom can she move out of her home in Nevada and come live with you in Nebraska or would you have to get her mom's permission?

Yes she can but without her parents permission they can have the authorities search for her and make her come back. Absolutely NOT! A minor cannot cross statelines w/o parental permission or w/o being accompanied by an adult who has been given permission by the parent(s) or legal guardian. The young lady should contact Nevada Child Protective Services at 1-800-992-5757 or if in Clark County 1-702-399-0081 if ain Washoe County 1-775-328-2300. Any person taking in a minor child without the permission of the parents or legal guardian and/or; without notifying the parents or authorities of the minor's whereabouts can be subject to criminal charges. In cases where state lines have been crossed, the charges can become both state and federal.

In the state of Texas can you move out of your parents house at 17 if pregnant?

Not without your parents permission. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor, so until you turn 18, Mom and Dad have the legal right to determine where you live. Even if they give you permission to move out, they still retain all their legal parental rights, so they can change their mind and order you to come back home any time they want.

Can your niece come live with you if she is 16?

If her parents have given their permission. Otherwise she will have to wait until she is 18.

Can i move out of my mother's house and into my father's before the age of eighteen without primary custody mother's permission?

No. Your parents must come to an agreement and change the custody order filed in the family court.

Can neighbor come on your property to stain fence that they put on the property line?

Not without your permission.

Will mariah parks ever come back to savvy?

I think she will come back! She has to come back, without her savvy is nothing!

At age 16 can you leave your house without parents consent as long as you are back before curfew?

No, parents have full responsibility of you until you are 18 regardless of curfew. If you leave your house without a parents consent they can call the police to come get you. The only way you can leave the house without your parents consent is if you were to get emancipated, which in simple terms is the same thing as if you were to turn eighteen.

How does a minor get married in Georgia?

Obtain parental permission and then get a marriage license. Check with the license office for what sort of proof you need, the parents may have to come in person to sign the permission.

Will toonami come back?

It will never come back on T.V. Parents thought Toonami is bad so they banded it. :(

If I'm already 19 and out of high school and decide to move out without notice can my parents claim me as missing or try and locate me to bring me back?

legally they can't make you come back. as a mother i can tell you that when parents don't know where their children are, it is a pain that only a parent knows. if you love your parents and respect them let them know where you are. they can not make you come back, but there will come a time when you will want to come back. home is where the heart is and free food and room and board. a last thought, anyone can report a missing person. signed, a mother of 4 in Tennessee

If you want your friend to go to Kauai with you and have to get permission from their parents what should you do?

U should go to the friends house or call the friends house and ask there parents if they can come with u.

Do you have to be 18 to go to planned parenthood alone or can you go underage?

You can go to Planned Parenthood anywhere and not have to have a parent with you. Teens can come in without parents permission and everything is confidential. The only time they need parents is if they are getting an abortion. State law requires a parent signature on the paperwork.

How can you get hormones without your perents knowing and do you a doctors prescripton?

You must be 18 or have your parents' permission, as with any sort of medical treatment. And you will always need a prescription (unless you're buying it illegally overseas which is very dangerous). You have to see a psychologist and then get referred to an endocrinologist for hormones. Come out to your parents. Talk to them.

If im 17 and enlisted in the military in Illinois can your parents report you as a runaway and make you come home if you move out without their consent?

In order to enlist in the military under the age of 18, you must have permission of the parents. Most states recognize a member of the military as being emancipated, regardless of age.

If your 17-year-old girlfriend lives in New York and you're 18 and live in Canada can she come to Canada so you can get married and then go back to New York without any legal problems?

== == The minimum age to get married IN CANADA, with the permission of the girl's parents is 16. In this case, I would suggest that you get married in the USA, to avoid problems at the border crossing point. The big problem is that at age 17 she is considered to be A MINOR in Canada. They won't let her in to Canada, buy herself, without a written letter of permission from her Parents, that has been notarized and stamped by a US lawyer.

Can you leave home at 17 in Texas with your parents being able to make you come back?

Yes, your parents could make you come back at 17. Until you turn 18 in Texas, they are responsible for you.

Can a code enforcement officer come on my property without permission?

Yes. He is checking for code violation and will call first.

Can an 18 year old from Alabama move to a different state without there parents making them come back?

18 is the age of majority in the United States, so the answer is yes.

Does Harry Potter's parents come back?

no, but he sees and talks to them twice

How old do you have to be to live on your own without parents in Ontario Canada?

I believe that when you are sixteen in Ontario you can leave and even if your parents want you to come back the police cannot make you. Keep in mind that at sixteen you are still a minor and your parents are still legally responsible for you (i.e. if you break into a store, damage someone's property...etc.) you are "legal" when you are 18 for sure. And can move out then with or without your parents consent.

Can you have your eyebrow pierced at thirteen in England?

you can have one only if you come with a parent to do it, a parents permission, but maybe you should wait till your a little older.

Can a father take your child from you in Kingston Jamaica to America without mother's permission?

no because the other parent needs to sign a paper saying that you gave them permission. they wont let you come in to america with out that.