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Can your parents make you come back if you have moved out after you graduated?


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If you are 18 years of age or older then no, they can't make you move back home. I wish you all the best of luck:) God Bless:)


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I moved out of my mothers house a week after I turned 17. I moved in with my boyfriend. My mother tried to make me come back but there was nothing she could do legally because I was considered an adult. On a good note... I did finish high school and graduated with honors a year early. So it is not something I recommend unless the situation is harmful at home. It should never be an answer to an argument with your parents or just to have the freedom you want. That freedom comes with responsibility you may not be prepared for, I am now 32 and have a great life and never once have I regretted my decision to move out at 17.

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well THE PARENTS CAN REPORT IT but in louisiana you wont be forced to come back you can legally move out at 17.

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