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No they can not. In the case of being a minor parent the minors have the same rights as adults to decide.

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Q: Can your parents make you give your baby up for adoption?
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Not a real situation but if your 13 and your girlfriend has a baby what is the percentage they will make you give it up for adoption?

The percentage is very high unless you have the support of your parents.

Can a parent make a 13 year old give their baby up for adoption?

Nope, you have to sign the papers. If you don't the child is yours. Parents can't make you give away your child.

Can you make a teen give there baby up for adoption?

No, but a court may order it if it is in the best interest of the baby.

Can your parents legally make you give up your child through adoption after you have it when you are sixteen?

No, they can not legally force you to give up a child for adoption and neither can they force you to have or not to have an abortion.

If you are pregnant can the baby's father make you give it up for adoption when it is born?

you have the ultimate decision, not him

If 15 yr old girl 16 yr old boy are having baby and want to adopt out can parents of kids make them keep the baby or can the kids legally put baby up for adoption?

No, only the parents decide this and the adoption papers is the only legally binding contract a minor can sign. When it comes to your child you have the same rights as an adult. No one can force you to keep the child, abort or give it up for adoption.

What do you do when your pregnant at fourteen and your boyfriend is sixteen?

Well, if you haven't already, you need to tell him, his parents and your parents. And only you can know what to do after that - the baby is yours and you should be the one to make the decisions. You could keep the baby or give him/her up for adoption. Good luck and I hope it goes well for you

What if you where 17 and pregnant can your parents make you give your baby up?

no. your parents cannot make you give YOUR child up. you have rights too.

Can you have a baby on woozworld?

no but you can adopt a baby in the adoption centres that they make there

What do you do being pregnant at 16?

First, tell your boyfriend. Then tell your parents and see a doctor to make sure you are healthy. You then have to make the choice of having the baby or abortion and if you decide to have the baby you have to choose between keeping it or adoption. The only one who can decide whether to give birth or not is you.

If you're 16 years old and pregnant can your parents make you give it up for adoption?

No! The mother of the child is the only one who can make the decisions

What would you do if you were pregnant at the age of 16?

Tell you parents and see the doctor who will present you your choices; Keep the baby Give the baby up for adoption Abortion Then you have to make a life plan and decide what you want to do. The decision is yours but you should hear what your parents have to say since they very much will be involved too.

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