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If you are having a period, you probably aren't pregnant. And a heavy period isn't a sign of pregnancy, but a light period can be.

My sister's period came on with each of her 3 children, and it wasn't spotting either. I'm not sure why yours is heavy, but for sure women can receive a normal period and still be pregnant. Be sure to check with your OB/GYN. Good Luck.


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Q: Can your period become heavier during the first week of pregnancy?
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How is a period during pregnancy different?

During pregnancy, the period stops.

Can you be pregnant and starte your period a week early and spotted pink and brown then your period get heavier?

You can spot during a pregnancy but if you start bleeding heavily it can be a sign of a miscarriage.

How many days does a pregnancy period last?

Pregnancy period? Its not possible to have a period during pregnancy.

Can you get your period during your pregnancy?


Can you have your period lighter than usual and be pregnant?

A light period that is caused by pregnancy will usually cease within 48hours and only require 2 sanitary pads during this time. But its possible that a slightly heavier period than the above may be a indication of pregnancy. Performing a pregnancy test would be ideal in your situation. If its negative then you simply have a lighter period this month.

Could you have your period during pregnancy?


What is the safe period to have intercourse and not get pregnant?

Hello, There is no safe time to have unprotected sex. You can even become pregnant during your period. During your period there is a 1% risk of pregnancy occurring. Outside of your period there is a 2% risk of pregnancy occurring. During Ovulation there is a very high risk that pregnancy may occur. So basically to prevent pregnancy you need to abstain from sex or use the necessary precautions (ie; a condom, birth control etc)

Is a period during pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms hereditary?

A period during pregnancy is not hereditary however it is never a normal period. It's simply a light period or vaginal bleeding. Pregnancy symptoms are not hereditary. Every woman will experience different pregnancy symptoms and the same woman may have different symptoms in different pregnancies. There are things that go on during pregnancy which can be symptomatic and hereditary, but these are separate from the symptoms which indicate pregnancy.

If you get your period during pregnancy will your pregnancy test results come out negative?


Have fluttering in stomache but got period?

Pregnancy is still a possibility. Many women can confuse spotting during pregnancy for a period but it's not. Spotting during pregnancy is normal. Take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Can you have a period first month of pregnancy?

No, you cannot have a period the first month of pregnancy or at any other time during pregnancy. Menstruation occurs if the egg has not been fertilised, and you cannot menstruate during pregnancy.

Can you take a pregnancy test on your period?

Yes, your period will not affect the outcome of a home pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty Hi Yes you can perform a pregnancy test during your period but as you are on your period, you are not pregnant.

Is it possible that you could get your period during pregnancy?


Does pregnancy sypmtoms happen before during or after your period?

If you are pregnant you will not get your period.

I had period and seven days after your Dr say Im pregnancy?

Its possible to have bleeding during pregnancy that You mistake for your period

What result would you get from a pregnancy test if you take it during your period?

Your period shouldn't affect the test! There is really no point in doing a pregnancy test during a period. Usually, if you are having a period you are not pregnant. A pregnancy test senses the BHCG hormone so your period should not affect it.

Can you eat beetroot during pregnancy period?

Beet roots are very good to be eaten during pregnancy. It contains iron and it need to be supplemented during the pregnancy.

Will your period become heavier then normal if you take Advil one month and not the next?

No, your period will not become heavier than normal if you take Advil one month and not the next. Taking Advil will not effect your periods in this way.

Can menstruation cause a pregnancy test to be positive?

if you're taking a pregnancy test during your period then you're very very stupid. No baby during period

Is it pregnancy possible during krimson?

Yes. You can get pregnant during your period.

Is it common for your period to become heavier after a tubal fulguration and why? obgyn told me prior to my procedure that my period would become heavier. 17 years later I am having extremely heavy periods to the point of causing anemia.

If a girl has not had her period but gets pregnant then will she have it during her pregnancy?

No, you will not have your period while pregnant.

Does the sperms get out during periods after the use of the morning after pill?

Hi, You cannot become pregnant during your period. This is physically impossible. Always use a condom to prevent pregnancy.

If you have you period during pregnancy can your body still produce the egg-white looking discharge?

First of all, getting ur period during pregnancy is not possible. If you bleed heavily during pregnancy, consult a doctor, might be miscarriage.

Can you still have a period during the first month of pregnancy?

Yes you can still have your period during the first month of pregnancy if it is just spotting. If it is a normal period your most likely not pregnant. you can also have something called vaginal bleeding during pregnancy because the placenta has not had a chance to set and this is commonly mistaken for a period by most women.