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In the majority of states a judgment creditor can levy a bank account even if it is jointly held. When an account is joint with the judgment being against only one account holder, the court will "freeze" the account until the non-debtor submits proof of the percentage of funds belonging to them.

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Q: Can your personal bank account be affected by garnishment?
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Which states do not allow bank account garnishment?

SO far, Delaware is the only known state to prohibit Bank Account Garnishment.

Does Arizona allow bank account garnishment?


Can a credit card company freeze your bank account after a garnishment is ordered even if your credit card was not with that bank?

Yes, that is the way a garnishment works. When the credit card company sues you for non-payment of debt, they win a judgment. The judgment can be a garnish on your paycheck or your bank account. It makes no difference who you have a bank account with if they were awarded the garnishment by court.

Can you garnish a bank account at chase Manhattan bank?

If a court or the government required garnishment of wages, then it would not matter what bank the account was in.

How long does it take when you file a motion for garnishment?

after filing a motion of denying the judgement on garnished bank account: how long will it take to release bank garnishment

Bank account wage garnishment is it a one time thing is your bank account frozen?

Your bank account is generally frozen only one time when the judgment for a garnishment is set to begin. This allows the courts the time to release the judgment and decide on the amount that you will have to pay.

Is bank account perosnal account?

yes bank account is personal account

Can a creditor garnishment my bank account when all the money in it is Federal annuity?

yes, i creditor can garnish a bank account to $0 regardless of where the funds in the account came from

How can you have a bank account frozen?

You can have a bank account frozen by going to an attorney or before a court of law and receiving a garnishment or judgment. If you receive a judgment, it is not enough, you have to have an order to freeze a bank account.

Is bank account a real account in accounting?

No bank account is a Personal account in Accounting

How does a personal bank account work?

you have to have money then you must put it into a bank then you have a bank account.

What happens if a judgment creditor places a levy on a bank account and the account balance is less than the judgment amount?

You get fined a fee by the bank, your account is frozen, and they will probably come after your paycheck through garnishment (even if the levy is removed) Levy is a step, garnishment follows.

Is bank account is real account or personal account?

It is Personal Account and Cash A/c is actually real account.

Can they garnish from his bank account?

Yes. A garnishment is usually served upon a 3rd party holding assets of a debtor. So if a garnishment is served on a bank where the debtor has an account the bank will have to answer how much are in those accounts and a turn over order can be issued so that the creditor may collect his judgment.

Is a bank account tangible personal property?

Yes. A Bank account is the personal property of the person who owns and operates the bank account. It will be considered an asset for the account owner. Anything that has a monetary value and belongs to someone is called an asset. Since a bank account is worth as much money that is in the account and belongs to a customer, it is the personal property of that person.

Is bank account is personal or real account in golden rules of accountancy?

see first tell me wat is bank overdraft..... its is real or personal... ans.personal...every bank a/c is personal a/c.. and though bank is payable or receivable its is personal a/c only....

If a bank account is frozen pending garnishment and then comes unfrozen can you take out the money?

Once the garnishment and any related fees are satisfied, the rest of the money is available for use.

Can you freeze a bank account when the money does not belong to the account holder?

From experience (as far as I know), if you are a joint holder of the frozen bank account, yes, they can garnish, but check your state statues because you may be exempt from garnishment.

Is a bank a personal account?

If you apply for a personal account, yes. There are many account types available each with their own perks.

Can you deposit a personal check into a bank account that is closed?

No, the account is closed.

What is closing account?

It means to close you bank account by personal reasons.

Where can I find information about opening a business bank account?

You can go to your bank where you have your personal bank account and talk with the manager or someone that works there. They can get your started on opening a business bank account.

What to do when there is a wage levy?

If you have a wage levy filed against because of unpaid taxes the best thing to do is seek professional help to release the levy. Wage Garnishment is synonymous with a Wage Levy. The State Revenue Department or the IRS seizes your personal property to recover back taxes. Garnishment may also come in the form of the tax authorities seizing your part or all of your bank account known as Bank Account Garnishment.Get A Free Quote Here For Professional Services:

If your spouse has a personal bank account frozen to collect consumer debt is your personal bank account also at risk of being frozen in the state of new york?

If the account has his name on it, possibly.

If you live in Washington state and your checking account has been garnished can you have an online bank account based in another state that would be free from the threat of garnishment?