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Believe it or not it sure can. NEVER go into a banking institution on a Monday or Friday. People tend to be more grouchy as employees or people with the power to loan money on Monday because there is a full week ahead and usually work to be caught up on after the weekend. Fridays are hectic to tie up business before the weekend comes. When you sit down with the loans officer be sure you act mature and don't be afraid to admit you over-extended yourself without realizing it. DON'T LIE! They know a lot more about your credit rating than you do. Smile, be pleasant and mean what you say. Let them know you are making a great effort to get yourself out of debt. Good luck

2006-09-12 08:49:25
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How much will it be to pay for a ticket in VA?

It depends on the proportionality of the crime, the current laws, the police officers' attitude/personality when you meet them and (if it comes to it) the court's decision.

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If you live in the United Kingdom, you can organize a consolidation debt by visiting any local bank of your choice. All of them offer consolidation loans, accompanied by Loan Officers, that will allow you to combine all debts into one easy payment location.

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If your league does not have a rule to cover the situation, call the league officers to make a decision.

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This is a decision made by the local department. Some allow this, some do not.

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The officers led the troops.

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No, the president may suggest a military officer be removed from rank, but the final decision must be checked by the supreme court. This is a measure of checks and balances.

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All Navy Commanders are officers, not all officers are Navy Commanders. All Commanding officer are officers, not all officers are commanding officers.

What is the deadline for applying for Government Student loans?

The deadline for applying for federal student loans is June 30, 2012 for the 2011-2012 school year. State loan deadlines vary from state to state, and individual schools may have additional deadlines. Check with school financial aid officers for specific deadlines for your school/state.

Are auxiliary police officers officer of the court?

No. Auxiliary police officers are not officers of the court.

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The possessive form of the plural noun officers is officers'.example: The officers' uniforms are distinguished by the gold trim.

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Knowing the number of police officers that have been killed in the line of duty may have an adverse affect on a decision to become one.