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Yes, because the pregnancy hormones are still in your body even after a miscarriage.

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Q: Can your pregnancy test be positive while you are having a miscarriage?
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Will a pregnancy test always be positive while you are having a miscarriage?


Can you have a miscarriage while having chlamydia?

Miscarriage is a common problem in pregnancy. Chlamydia does not appear to increase the risk of miscarriage. However, it could happen with or without chlamydia infection.

Could a pregnancy test be positive even if you are having a miscarriage?

yes. a pregnancy test detects specific hormones that are only present if you're pregnant. when you have a miscarriage, it takes a while for your body to realize you're not pregnant anymore, and then the hormones take time to disappear. at least a week.

Is a heavy period while having chlamydia a sign of a miscarriage?

If it's a miscarriage, you'll have a positive pregnancy test. But bleeding isn't normally a sign of pregnancy, and you didn't mention being pregnant. It sounds like sex and its consequences are causing you a great deal of stress. Consider abstaining for at least a while as you get control of your health.

Can you have symptoms of miscarriage but the home pregnancy said positive?

Yes. This is because it takes a while for your hCG levels (the hormone detected by home pregnancy tests) to drop low enough to show a negative, especially if you were very far along. If you think you are having miscarriage contact your doctor right away and go the the ER.

After a miscarriage and home test is still positive is it possible that you are still pregnant?

Wait a few weeks to take a pregnancy test after a miscarriage. It will take a while for the pregnancy hormone to get out of your system, so a test will show up positive even if you are not pregnant. Hope this helps. And I am sorry for your loss.

Is it possible to be pregnant if your period was two weeks late with blood clots but when you took a hpt it was positive?

it is likely that you had a spontaneous miscarriage, which means you were pregnant but miscarried and that's why your hpt came out positive (the pregnancy hormone needs a while to get out of your system after having miscarried)

Is having your period while pregnant a myth?

Not exactly. Some women have bleeding in the first month of two of pregnancy, but it is not technically a period. Also, if you have heavy bleeding during pregnancy, you might actually be having a miscarriage.

What is th earliest time you can have a miscarriage while you think you are pregnant?

You can have a miscarriage at any time during a pregnancy.

Can you have a miscarriage if you're on Depo-Provera?

Pregnancy is not likely if you are using Depo Provera as directed, getting your shots on time. Depo Provera does not cause miscarriage or affect a pregnancy if you accidentally get it while you're pregnant or get pregnant while using it.

You missed your period for 6 days after that your period started you want to know that whether it was a early miscarriage?

The period can be late without you having a miscarriage. It happens from now and then. If you had a miscarriage the test will show positive for a little while longer since it takes time for the hormones to settle.

Can getting pregnant while using the Nuva ring cause a miscarriage?

If an accidental pregnancy occurs, the Nuva Ring should not cause a miscarriage.

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