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There is NO federal law on this; it is a state-by-state issue. Never can an employer be sued for telling the truth, "Pat was fired 15 days ago", since that's true. In many states, a former employer cannot be subject to a suit for defamation for revealing even more details to a prospective employer. A growing trend is to extend "privilege" to the former employer for anything it says about your performance, attendance, or skill. Privileged communication means no defamation suit is possible. Washington employers gained that privilege last year. Check your state rules.

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Q: Can your previous employer tell an employer that you were terminated?
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Can a previous employer discuss with your previous college's why you were terminated?


Can a potential employer ask a previous employer why you were terminated from that job in California.?


Can a previous employer tell a future employer not to hire you?

A previous employer can not tell a future employer to not hire a person. They can tell the employer the persons working habits and if they thought they were a good worker.

Is a previous employer allowed to tell a prospective employer why an employee was fired in Nevada?

Is a previous employer allowed to tell a prospective employer you were fired when you were not in Nevada?

Can you be terminated from a job and the employer tell unemployment you quit voluntary?

That can happen. An employee who stops reporting to work and declines contact with the employer can be terminated, and the employer can honestly tell the employment commission that you resigned by refusing to obey your work schedule.

Can a previous employer tell a employer that the employee was fired?


Can a previous employer tell a potential employer that you were terminated?

Legally, they can say anything that is factual and accurate. Employers violate no law by honestly reporting that you were fired. ONLY knowing falsehoods can be the basis for defamation suits.

What if I was terminated and I don't want to tell my new employer?

If they ask, you can't lie. Also, if you list your previous job as a reference or list it under employment history, then you have to tell them. Other than that, you don't have to tell.

Can a previous employer tell your new employer you were a no call no show?

Yes, if it's true.

Would your previous employer be contacted if i were to apply for unemployment benefits as being my job terminated by them?

When someone is fired from a job, and applies for unemployment, the job that fired them is contacted. The previous employer is contacted, because they are the one who pays the unemployment.

Can an employer tell you not to talk to an employee that was terminated?

As long as you are at work, you must not talk to that former employee.

Does an employer have the right to tell an employee of a recent termination and as to why the employee was terminated?

Yes, as long as the answer is truthful.

Can a former employer tell prospective employers you were terminated due to failing a drug test in Michigan?


What is a previous employer allowed to tell a prospective employer in New Jersey?

You dates of employment and what position you held.

How can you tell that 0.750 has terminated?

How can you tell that 0.750 has terminated

How long does an employer have to issue final check after being terminated in Arizona?

In Arizona how long does an employer have to issue your final paycheck after being terminated?

Which accomplishments in your present position are you proud of and why?

tell me something that you have done at a previous employer

Is it right to tell interview that you filed a labor case against your previous employer?

Don't tell them. That's not something they have a right or obligation to know. All they are obligated to know is that you used to work at a particular job. In fact, if you tell them your work history and consent to them calling a previous employer all they can legally ask is if you used to work there. It will just look bad if you bring up dirt on any previous employer.

Can an employer rescind a job offer after discovering that an employee was previously terminated from another job?

I think it depends on what State you live in and if that State is an "at will" employer. You can contact the State Employment Agency, they should know. An employer can rescind an offer at any time for any reason or no reason. If you incurred costs by accepting the offer (like moving or quitting a previous job) the employer may owe damages, unless you lied about not being terminated.

Is your employer allowed to give you a bad reference if you are sacked?

No, an employer can only tell a potential new employer that you were terminated. They are not suppose to give any more information than that, however, ther are ex-employers that will over indulge on information.

Can a employer say you had been terminated from a job in the state of Texas?

An employer cannot say you were terminated, but they can say you are not eligible for rehire. Texas is an 'at will' state and can fire you for any reason.

How long does a company have to pay a terminated employee in New Mexico?

No employer has to pay a terminated employee anywhere.

What if previous employer will not return a call for a reference?

"What if previous employer will not return a call for a reference?"

Are there any laws in the state of California limiting what a previous employer and tell a prospective employer about an ex employee?

I don't know about in California but I heard that an employer is not allowed to tell anything about an ex employee unless used as a reference. If you just use the employer as a previous job all they are supposed to be allowed to verify is that you did work there and the dates. However if you put them down as a reference and a prospective employer calls them they can elaborate on your character as well.

Does employer have to notify employee they have been terminated while out on Texas workers comp?

An employer has a duty to inform the employee of an changes to the employment terms. If an employer is out on workers' compensation, and they are terminated, the employer has a duty to communicate that information to the employee and pay that employee any money they have due to them.

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