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You can, of course, get pregnant having intercourse in almost any position. However any position where the female is sitting, standing, or bending over should be avoided when you're trying to conceive. The sperm may have a very difficult time, if not impossible, getting to your lady's cervix.

On TopWoman on top, bottom, sideways, upside down, it doesn't matter. Healthy, motile sperm along with fertile mucus that secretes from the woman will guide the spermies right up to where they should be.

I don't believe the whole position thing ... the best way to help is to make sure YOU get off because the orgasm causes your cervix to be stimulated and it will pick up more semen. Also, you can lay on your back with a pillow under your butt afterwards to help keep it all in, if you are that desperate. Just keep trying, it will happen. If it doesn't by six months then go talk to your doctor.

You can get pregnant in any postition but experts say that the woman on top position is the worst when trying to conceive and the missionary, woman on the bottom, is one the best. Also tilt your pelvis back with a pillow to keep those little guy in there.

Well the woman on top isn't the worse cause I for one got pregnant from being on top so there is still the chance. I did hear, and my roommate can vouch for cause it happened to her, Do it doggy style and then turn over and lay on your back. helps "stir" them up.

I believe you and your partner are trying too hard to get pregnant. My cousin and his wife tried for many months. You need to not have sex for about 2 weeks and then enjoy each other.. keep trying this and see what happens.. if nothing happens in a few months I would see what a doctor says. Positions don't matter. Only the egg and sperm need to meet. actually, yes: if the woman has an irregular uterus that is tipped or folded the wrong way, regular missionary can cause it to fold over on itself and thus make conception more problematic. if she has, for example, a uterus that is tipped forward instead of backward like it normally would be, then doggy-style position would allow the uterus to fall back into the proper position and "open things up", as it were.


I have to say that I think some of the above answers are really inconsiderate from their tone. Speaking from someone that has gone through miscarriages and problems with conceiving, you want to know answers to these questions no matter how trival they may seem to the women who have been lucky enough to conceive straight away.

All I can say to those women who are trying to conceive is not to put to much stress on yourself and just work out your ovulation time. Consult your doctor and get their advice as well.

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Q: Can your sexual position increase your chances of becoming pregnant?
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