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Human, dog, and cat sims can all reproduce on the Sims 2 Pets.
In Sims 2, your Sims can have babies! You have a menu where you can flirt, kiss etc with your Sim. If they are compatible, they will fall in love etc... and at some point, the menu will change to other actions...including cuddling, "woo-hoo" (sex), babies etc.

I've had one Sim couple have a baby-and it was pretty hilarious. The mother would leave the baby on the floor and not change her if I let her have her own way. I finally hired a nanny to take care of it.


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No, you can not have babies on Sims 2 pets ps2 No, you can not have babies on Sims 2 pets ps2 No, you can not have babies on Sims 2 pets ps2 Yes, pets can. But if you're asking about human

you can have babies. i have the sims 2 pets and my sims have babies all the time

for the ''sims 2 pets'' for pc, sims can have babies but for ''the sims 2'' for playstation 2, you cant have babies

no. on the sims 2 pets for the computer yes

No. Sims 2 pets for the Wii, Sims cannot have babies.

No, the sims cannot have babies on Sims 2 pets for ps2.

No, you can only have babies on PC Sims 2 and 3.

for the PS2 version of the sims 2 pets, your sims can not have any babies.

sims 2 pets is just a expasion pack for sims 2 so it is just the same as on sims 2!!!

No, the pets (monkeys) aren't really the sims pets. The sims can't actually get them to do anything.

No you can't you can only make your pets have babies but not the sims

No you can't have your sims can't have babies on sims2 pets i tried.

No, only the normal sims games

you cant only animals can have babies as far as i know

No you cannot, that is sims 2 pets. You can have flower babies and flower people on sims 2 seasons though.

They are babies for three Sims days.

umm...well it takes all of 5 minutes for them to get married if you know what you are doing...but i really dont know how to have babies or woohoo if anyone could answer that for me? You can't woohoo or have babies because you have pets if you could have babies they would name it Sims 2 Pets and Babies

No on Sims 2 Pets for the PlayStation 2, the SIMS cannot have the babies. It's the other way around. Dogs have Puppies Cats have Kittens.

No, you cannot have Sims 2 pets on Sims 3. You must have Sims 3 pets for Sims 3 or Sims 2 pets for Sims 2.

Pets doesn't change the anatomy of sims. They just woo hoo like they always do and have been doing since The Sims 2

Yes, you can make babies in the Sims 3.

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