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Not in Massachusetts. In MA it is up to the individual, not her ex-husband.

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Q: Can your spouse require that you drop your married name once you divorce?
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Can you drop a spouse from a mortgage without their signature by refinancing?

You can refinance without the spouse but you will need their consent to do so. If the spouse is on the title of the home, the answer is "no". If the spouse is on the existing mortgage the answer is "no". If the spouse is not on title you need to indicate on the loan application that you are married, and if you don't is fraud. At the time of closing she/he would have to be present. Inform you spouse of your actions.

Can a spouse be dropped off your health insurance while going through a divorce if they are able to obtain insurance through their employer?

Generally, your employer will allow you to remove your spouse only during an annual drop/add period. Legally, a spouse is not required to provide health insurance for the other spouse unless directed by court order. However, courts often have "standing orders" where in parties filing divorce are prevented from doing such things.

Can your medical insurance drop coverage on your spouse if you file separate taxes?

They may ask for proof that you are married but otherwise they shouldn't. Not that they won't try.

Can an employer who pays 100 of an employees insurance change or drop his spouse if they are separated?

While there might be a state law somewhere that allows it, I would be surprised. A separation does not remove the duty of each spouse to support the other. If the employee has the insurance befre the separation, he will have to keep it until a divorce, remarriage after divorce, she obtains her own insurance or a court orders otherwise.

Can a spouse be dropped from health insurance if they are still married?

A person can certainly choose to drop a spouse from their coverage with one exception. If the employer is paying 100% for the employee and spouse then the employee can not opt out of coverage since it costs them nothing. You may be required to show that the spouse has alternate coverage. Check with your HR department or benefits coordinator.

Can a spouse drop or cancel insurance on the other spouse if that spouse has no other coverage This for the state of Missouri?

Yes. The person who the insurance is through can.

If a seventeen year old gets pregnant can she legally get married and drop out of school in the state of Tennessee?

No, pregnancy does not make one an adult. She will still require the permission of her parents or a court order. Even to drop out of school would require permission from the parents.

What do you need to drop a divorce in Texas?

Unfortunately, even in Texas, if one of the two spouses wants a divorce they have a right to get that divorce and nothing can stop it. If one wants to drop the divorce then they will need to 'nonsuit it.' This means that the person who filed the original petition for divorce will need to file a 'motion to nonsuit.'

What is a qualifying event to drop medical insurance through your employer?

Usually divorce (to drop the other party) or marriage. Otherwise you may have to wait until open enrollment to drop. If you want to add yourself to your spouse or partner's coverage check first but you may be able to do that when you drop rather than have to do it during his or her open enrollment period. Again, check first before you do anything.

How do you file for divorce when your spouse has been incarcerated for 9 years after which he was deported and now his whereabouts are unknown?

Get a temporary mail drop in Las Vegas Nevada. Pay 125.00 File last known address Youre done!

If you paid the equity to your spouse from your divorce and obtain a quick claim deed can his name be dropped from the deed without refinancing?

It is a "quit claim deed" that you have to obtain and you have to refinance to drop the other name. It is a "quit claim deed" that you have to obtain and you have to refinance to drop the other name. It is a "quit claim deed" that you have to obtain and you have to refinance to drop the other name. It is a "quit claim deed" that you have to obtain and you have to refinance to drop the other name.

If you file for divorce but drop the request does it go on public record still?

Yes. Divorce files are part of the public record.

Can you drop your spouse from your health insurance once the spouse is eligible for medicare?

It wouldn't be a good idea, because there are deductibles, co-pays, etc. not covered by Medicare.

Your said she filed for divorce to get your attention then wanted to drop itbut I had retained a lawyer and that made her mad am I to think she really wants a divorce?

you should always be on your gard. it sounds like she wants a divorce.

How do you delete a pet in pet party?

I don't think it's possible. But if your married, and you want to divorce your wife/husband, you go to Maddie's Magic shop and buy the close card, and drop it in your loved one's house. :)

Is kelly Monaco married?

drop dead

Will your credit score drop is your spouse removes you?

yes because points would get tooken off

Can a spouse cancel your health insurance before the divorce?

I believe you are both responsible for any bills incurred (such as health care costs) until you are divorced, so in some cases it would behoove a spouse to keep coverage on the other spouse so that they don't end up responsible for a large bill in the case of an accident or serious illness. However, if there is a separation agreement with a clause about neither party being responsible for any debts incurred after the signing of the agreement, one may be able to drop their spouse from insurance without issue.

What happens after final divorce papers have been signed?

If one of you already had a temporary mail drop in Las Vegas Nevada for 6 weeks, then divorce is instantaneous.

You live in NC can you drop your spouse from health coverage because you are legally separated?

As you both are legally separated you can do it.

What do you drop when Christmas or a birthday is coming up?

you drop money b/c both of the events require buying gifts

What are qualifying reason to drop health insurance?

In the US, some qualifying reasons to drop health insurance would be because one of the people originally covered becomes eligible for Medicare, one of the people covered dies, or if the people covered were married but then get divorced (unless maintaining health insurance is manadated in the divorce decree).

When a wife sleeps with husband during divorce proceeding will this make the divorce null and void?

check your state laws, maybe Ps. If you want the divorce null and void ask her to agree to drop it. If you both agree, should be no problems stopping the process.

Can kids drop out of school at 17 in Arizona?

Arizona compulsory education laws require students to complete the 10th grade before they can "drop out".

Can you divorce someone who is in prison in Arkansas?

Yes, if one of you gets a temporary mail drop in Las Vegas Nevada.