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Q: Can your stomach get hard during the first month of pregnancy?
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When stomach comes out during pregnancy?

after 3 month

Does your stomach get hard during pregnancy?

Yes it does I am cureently on my first and a half month and my stomachs already hard :)

Can your stomach grow in a month?

Yes, your stomach can grow in one month. If you are already fat before pregnancy you will gain weight immediately. You can show during your second month.

Can you have a period first month of pregnancy?

No, you cannot have a period the first month of pregnancy or at any other time during pregnancy. Menstruation occurs if the egg has not been fertilised, and you cannot menstruate during pregnancy.

When does your stomach get hard during pregnancy?

Your stomach will begin to get hard during your fifth month in pregnancy. Your belly gets hard when the skin stretches. This can cause markings so usea lot of lotion during this time.when your about three to four months

Is walking bad during the first month of pregnancy?

No, exercise is good and important throughout the pregnancy.

What is the size of the zygote during the first month of pregnancy?

the size of a pinhead

Can your stomach feel a little hard the first 1 2 week in pregnancy?

No it will take about a month or two

Can your stomach get bigger in the first few weeks of pregnancy?

Yuh may expierence some bloating in your first month of pregnancy, but your "baby belly" will not show for the first few months. :)

Is it advisable to go for 4D scan during 1st month of pregnancy?

NO! it's not recommended for later in pregnancy so definitely not in the first month

When you are pregnant when do your stomach get hard?

Hello, During your first pregnancy your pregnancy will take longer to become more noticeable. If this is not your first pregnancy and is your second, third, etc then you will usually show earlier. The stomach usually becomes hard around the fourth month or later, into your pregnancy. Once again, it depends whether this is your first or later pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies usually show earlier. Also, if you are overweight or have extra fat on your stomach, this may result in your tummy not feeling hard until you are further along into your pregnancy.

How big is your stomach during you 3rd month of pregnancy?

Every woman and every pregnancy is different. There is no way to accurately calculate how much weight you will gain or lose.

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