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It is possible. When a contract is defaulted the lender/creditor may use whatever method is available under the laws of the debtor's state to recover monies owed. Consumer's sometimes believe that if they pay any amount oon the debt and the creditor accepts the payment, other action cannot be taken, this simply is not true. It might be prudent for the debtor to contact the creditor and try to negotiate more affordable repayment terms.

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What can and cannot be garnished from your retirement?

Monthly child support payments can be garnished from retirement.

What is bank of america minimum balance required to waive monthly fee?

300 each month

If your credit card balance is 1150 and the minimum monthly payment required is 3 percent What is the minimum amount you must pay this month?


What is the minimum amount of automobile insurance?

A down payment is normally required of $50 and then billed monthly at $12.75.

Can wages be garnished on a bill that is being paid monthly?

Yes it could

Is there a minimum income required to qualify for an income protection insurance?

Yes, a minimum income is required. Companies would not be able to offer protection to someone that cannot sustain monthly payments. Also credit is important.

What percentage of wages can be garnished in Ontario?

According to the Ontario Wages Act, up to 50 percent of an individual's gross monthly wages can be garnished. However, employment insurance, social assistance, and pension payments cannot be garnished.

What is the medical abbreviation meaning once monthly?

qm is the medical abbreviation for once monthly.

What is the medical term meaning monthly?

The medical term meaning monthly is q mo.

Is there a minimum balance required?

It depends upon the bank and type of saving account you require. While some many not have a minimum balance requirement, there may be other requirements as a consequence such as a monthly direct deposit.

I get paid twice monthly my pay is garnished by a collection agency is this done every pay check at 25 percent or 25 percent monthly?

can you tell me the answer please?

What are the benefits of having a personal line of credit?

-revolving credit -a credit limit -monthly statement -enable cash advances -minimum payment required -insurance offered

What are the fees for checking at the Randolph Savings Bank?

At Randolph savings bank, free checking accounts are free to open. The minimum to open is $10 but there is no minimum balance required. You can also select their interest checking account, which charges a monthly service charge of $8 unless you have a minimum balance of $500.

What is the maximum wage garnishment in Colorado?

Colorado Wage GarnishmentGross earnings for the First Pay Period less deductions required by Law Amounts based on Federal minimum hourly wage $5.15.Weekly: $154.50 or 75% of Disposable Earnings Bi-weekly: $309.00; or 75% of Disposable Earnings Semi-monthly $334.75 or 75% of Disposable Earnings Monthly: $669.50 or 75% of Disposable earningsThe quote above is the EXEMPT amount, not the amount that can be garnished!See link for full information.

If you plan to spend 9 percent of your monthly income on medical expenses how much would you budget for a monthly income of 1550?

If you plan to spend 9 percent of your monthly income on medical expenses, you would budget $139.50 for a monthly income of $1550.

If you pay the minimum monthly payment will you owe interest?

Yup, you will owe a lot of interest, because a monthly minimum payment just keeps the card current and upto date. Whatever is your APR divide that by 12 is your monthly interest on the balance at that time.

Can child support be paid monthly in Indiana?

Yes, in Indiana you can pay your child support monthly unless it is set up on a garnishment from wages. If your wages are being garnished, your child support will be paid when you get paid.

How do medical doctors get paid by weekly or monthly?

they get paid monthly i'm an orthopedic surgeon surgeon

Can you walk in to any PNC and get cashiers check?

Only if you are an existing customer and have a Performance Checking (maintain monthly minimum of $1,500) or a Performance Select Checking account (maintain monthly minimum of $5,000).

Is there a cap or limit on child support for CA?

The only limit to child support in California is the amount paid per month. Only up to 50 percent of their gross income can be garnished. The amount monthly will depend on the number of children and who pays the medical and daycare expenses.

What is the minimum monthly payment on credit cards?

reload credit card

How a medical representative can achieve his target?

I am the one of medical representative who is non achieve the monthly target.what can i do?

How much does a medical lab tech earn monthly?

According to the 2007-2008 Salary Survey by Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals, the average monthly salary for a medical lab tech in the U.S. would be approximately $3,400.

What is a medical doctor's salary?

Answer$137,090 for the year monthly $11,424.17

How much do medical doctors earn in Cameroon monthly?