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No, wages can not be garnished in Tx except for the IRS, Student Loans, & Child Support.....They can however garnish a bank account if they get a judgment against you in court.

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Q: Can your wages be garnished if you voluntarily repo your car in Texas?
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Can your wages be garnished in the state of Florida for an auto repo?

If you signed the wage garnishment yes

Can your wages be garnished if you default on a car loan?

YES, in most cases. I have never heard of anyone having wages garnished to pay for a car loan (of course, I live in Texas, a debtor state, so it may differ elsewhere). Most places will just repo the vehicle.

Can wages be garnished on an auto repo?

Hello, Jamison here, Yes! Not likely though,,,,,,,, Unless its one of the BIG-3

Can your wages be garnished in the state of Oklahoma for a volitary repo?

Im not familiar with Colorado but in most states or at least in the states that I am aware of ,if you owe a balance yes they can garnish your wages to fulfill the obligation.

Can you go to jail in Texas for not paying a balance on my volunteer repo?

Yes, you can if they cannot garnishee your wages.

Can a retirement check be garnished?

Any form of income can be garnished, to a certain limit.can a retirement check be garnished for a auto repo.

Can you get garnished for a repo vehicle in NC?

i dont think that i can

Does a repo show on your credit when you voluntarily return it?

Yes, a repo is a repo whether you give it up or they take it.

If you voluntarily relinquished your car due to your unemployment status can you be subpoenaed to pay the remaining balance after they sell the car at auction?

They are not lying to you. A repo is a repo is a repo.

Can a creditor garnish wages in the state of Florida?

Can a bank garnish your wages for a repo in the state of Florida

Will credit be affected by a co-signer of a car being voluntarily repo?

It shouldn't.

If a truck and a camper are repossed voluntarily is there a penalty?

The "penalty" is a repo on your CR.,higher interest rates on future loans, and a possible judgement/wage garnishment against you. A repo is a repo is a repo in credit files.

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