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Can your wages be garnished if you voluntarily repo your car in Texas?

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No, wages can not be garnished in Tx except for the IRS, Student Loans, & Child Support.....They can however garnish a bank account if they get a judgment against you in court.

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Can your wages be garnished if you default on a car loan?

YES, in most cases. I have never heard of anyone having wages garnished to pay for a car loan (of course, I live in Texas, a debtor state, so it may differ elsewhere). Most places will just repo the vehicle.

Can wages be garnished on an auto repo?

Hello, Jamison here, Yes! Not likely though,,,,,,,, Unless its one of the BIG-3

Can your wages be garnished in the state of Oklahoma for a volitary repo?

Im not familiar with Colorado but in most states or at least in the states that I am aware of ,if you owe a balance yes they can garnish your wages to fulfill the obligation.

Can a retirement check be garnished?

Any form of income can be garnished, to a certain limit.can a retirement check be garnished for a auto repo.

Does a repo show on your credit when you voluntarily return it?

Yes, a repo is a repo whether you give it up or they take it.

Can a creditor garnish wages in the state of Florida?

Can a bank garnish your wages for a repo in the state of Florida

If a truck and a camper are repossed voluntarily is there a penalty?

The "penalty" is a repo on your CR.,higher interest rates on future loans, and a possible judgement/wage garnishment against you. A repo is a repo is a repo in credit files.

Is it legal to repo cars in Texas?

Yes. They just can not garnish your wages for any monies owed afterwards. There are a number of other ways they can recover the balance however.

Can wages be garnished on an auto repo in Maryland?

Yes, but only by an order of the courts brought by a motion from the plaintiffs for such wage garnishments to occur. The bank or collections agency can not garnish wages without the courts, and if they threaten to take such actions without intentions or ability they may be in violation of State and/or Federal collections laws.

In the State of Texas can the lender on a repo for the deficiency that is still due after the auction put a lien on your house?

YES, who spread that rumor? LOL Texas is a no garnishment state. Therefore they cannot garnish your wages for any reason.

Can they garnish your wages for a repo in IL?

The lender may garnish your wages for a judgment against a debt in Illinois, even after repossession.

When is it smart to file bankruptcy?

When you are beginning to feel overwhelmed with debt, you are being threatned with being garnished, or you are being garnished. You have judgments, you are up for repo, your house is in foreclosure, you will know when it's time.

Will you still have to return a repo car if your wages are being garnished?

You can, but at this point, you are paying the debt. You are paying involuntarily, and returning the car will help offset that debt once it is sold. It will also stop the debt from climbing higher as garnishment incurs other fees that will be assessed to you.

Can your paycheck be garnished from a repossessed vehicle?

Yes. If the car's value at repo was under what you owed they can get the difference, court costs and interest.

If you bought a car in Virginia and can no longer afford it can you do a voluntary repo and not have your wages garnished?

A repo is a repo, voluntary or not. Do not do a voluntary repo or any other repo. Terrible idea!!! Call the lender and work something out. See if you can find someone to take over the payments or possible sell the car to another part and pay off the loan. If you are upside down on the loan, then sell the car and borrow the balance to pay it off. Having your car reposed is a very bad idea. Your credit will be ruined for 7 years. You will also have the pay the difference in what the lender sells your car for and the balance on the note, plus repo fees. Do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening. I can assure you the lender does not want to repo your car. Call them!!!!

What are the release dates for Operation Repo - 2007 Mess with Texas?

Operation Repo - 2007 Mess with Texas was released on: USA: 23 April 2012

Can you get your car back after a repo?

Husband dies, his car left at a friends house, friend would not give car up, car was voluntarily repossesed, can you still get car after a repo? What is needed?

Who do you call when a car is up for repo?

If you want to voluntarily surrender your car, you can call the finance company and ask for instructions on how to proceed.

Will they garnish wages after car repo in New Mexico?

They can choose to if they first obtain a judgment for the unpaid balance.

In texas what are the repossession laws?

REPO LAWS DOT COM has a good over view of the rules in Texas.

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