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That is nuts. I have heard of plan sthat would cover you and your wife for under $20 am month, no deductibles and savings up to 80% on services.

Yes they sure can. That's why it is so important to understand your policy. It is a "non-duplication of benefits" clause. It is a sly way for the insurance company to continue getting their premiums, but offer in return little or no benefit. It may very well be best to drop the other policy, and use the money that would have gone to pay the premiums toward the out of pocket expenses (co-pay)with only the one coverage. (Hope that makes sense!)Make sure that your wife's company is aware of this little clause in the benefit package. They may not understand it, and if enough people complain about it, then they can start looking for another insurance carrier who offers a better option.

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Where can you get dental insurance in California?

== == The state of California has great dental coverage for the people who live in California. Dental Coverage is very important to have because you never know when you will have a dental emergency. Make sure you are covered...get dental coverage. == == Contact your state insurance board or through your employer

How use dental insurance dental office?

Coverage for dental implants varies from one insurance company to another. Most of the insurance policies provide some coverage for the restorative procedure. You can ask your insurance provider if dental implants are covered or not.

Which companies offer dental insurance coverage?

Many companies offer dental insurance coverage. Some examples of companies that offer this type of coverage include Delta Dental, Security Life, and Anthem.

Why isn't dental care covered under general medical insurance?

Dental Coverage is not usually covered by General Medical Insurance because it is too expensive.

When preventive dental work is done is it deducted from your insurance maximum?

Any payment for dental work depends on your insurance coverage because there are many different dental insurance policies. You should read through the information for your dental insurance policy. You could also contact the agent responsible for your dental insurance policy.

What services are offered at Aflac Dental Insurance?

Aflac Dental Insurance provides a wide variety of insurance plans involving dental care. Each plan is tailored to a client's needs and budget. Aflac is known for offering great coverage at an affordable premium rate.

Husband has hmo dental insurance and i have delta dental does this mean we have dual coverage?

It means you each have a different insurance company. If you had both HMO dental coverage and Delta Dental (and the veteran in me has to ask: "for God's sake, WHY Delta Dental?") active at the same time, that would be dual coverage.

What is dental insurance periodontal coverage?

Dental insurance periodontal coverage covers gum disease. This will be listed in your insurance policy if covered by your policy. Gum disease may have a serious effect on your dental health if left untreated.

What services does Stonebridge Life Insurance Company offer?

The Stonebridge Life Insurance Company offers whole life and term insurance, accident and hospital coverage, accidental death insurance and dental insurance.

Can i get my medical insurance to cover any dental?

It depends if it's part of your coverage. Review your policy to find out. If there is no dental coverage, ask your insurance provider or broker if you can add a dental plan to your policy or add a dental rider.

What is the cheapest dental and medical insurance in the Phoenix area?

The state of Arizona has great dental coverage for the people who live in Arizona. Dental Coverage is very important to have because you never know when you will have a dental emergency. Make sure you are covered get dental coverage. This site has more information on a great, very affordable plans suited to fit your budget without sacrificing coverage for your family. Call you state insurance agency, they can tell you

Is your dental insurance providing the coverage you need?

Most dental insurance plans cover routine maintaince and fillings for cavaties. This coverage should be suffiecient for the majority of people.

What services does NYMCU offer to permanent residents on a fixed income?

NYMCU provides a large variety of services to permanent residents on a fixed incomes. It provides coverage for many types of insurance such as health and dental coverage.

What are some of the services provided by Aetna dental insurance?

"Aetna dental insurance provides a variety of health and dental insurance to fit you needs such as affordable discount dental plans that offer preventive care, basic dental care, as well as major dental services."

Will you be able to get inexpensive individual dental insurance if you discontinue COBRA and have a lapse in coverage?

== == Yes, dental insurance is not like major medical. There are a lot of individual plans on the market and they do not consider continuation of coverage. However, it is fairly common for individual dental plans to have a waiting period for major services. The reason is that they do not want you to sign up, get a $1000 or more of benefits and then drop the coverage a month later.

Which is the best insurance health plan in New York?

The state of New York has great dental coverage for the people whol live in New York. Dental Coverage is very important to have because you never know when you will have a dental emergency. Make sure you are covered get dental right coverage. Many great companies out there.

Does cigna dental insurance has coverage for lumineers?

In most cases, dental insurance does not cover elective cosmetic treatment like Lumineers.

What are the benefits of having secure horizons?

Dental coverage for preventative care, basic dental services, and major dental services, vision coverage, eye exams, coverage for hearing tests and fitness program membership qualifications are all benefits of having secure horizons.

How can one get cheap dental coverage?

Cheap dental coverage can be found in the dental section at ehealthinsurance. Humana also has some low cost dental coverage. Cheap dental insurance usually has yearly benefit caps, so reading the fine print is necessary.

Does Met Life Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Each state has different coverage. For example, in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Texas, Dental Implants are covered. Always check with your Dental Insurance provider to get a full list of coverage.

Does Delta Insurance cover dental implants?

Delta Dental insurance does include coverage for implants, subject to some limitations, in its quotes to employers and purchasers. Some opt however to remove this coverage to reduce their annual premium cost.

Does aspen dental accept cigna dental insurance?

Aspen Dental accepts most insurance plans but coverage does vary by office. You can find out which plans are accepted at your local practice.

Is the Tonik Anthem dental and vision insurance coverage affordable?

Most insurance companies that do offer dental and vision coverage are a bit more expensive than average, but well worth the cash. If you already have regular insurance with them it shouldn't cost too much extra to up the coverage.

Can you get help paying for dental implants?

You can get help paying for dental implants depending on your coverage plan. Many insurance companies don't offer implants as a coverage but discount dental plans do! Make sure you have the right insurance plan that fits your needs.

Does any dental insurance cover braces?

That depends on the coverage of your insurance, but there are insurance companies who definitely allow dental braces coverage. However, it is still best to double check with your provider about the terms that goes along with dental braces coverage. For instance, most health plans only covers orthodontic treatments (partially) for minors or children under 18. If you're planning to get a dental braces, but your health plan doesn't include orthodontic coverage (e.g. teeth whitening, dental braces, amalgams) then what you can do is to buy supplemental orthodontic insurance.

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