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yes the canadians fought with the allies in World War 2

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Q: Canadian battles in World War 2?
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What battles was Canada involved in in World War 2?

Canadian Battles were fought in D-DAY Canadian Battles were fought in D-DAY

Where were the major battles of the world war 2 fought?

The major battles of World War 2 were fought in North Africa, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

What were the front lines of World War 2?

The front line of World War 2 was the eastern front. The battles at the eastern front were the largest battles in history.

What are some key battles to World War 2?

World War 1

What battles took place in world war 2?

A multitude of battles occurred during World War II. You can get an idea of just how many there were by going to Wikipedia ( and executing a search for World War II battles.

What battles did Britain win in World War 2?

They won world war two.

What were the key battles in Persian gulf war?

world war 2

Why were there no battles on the mainland of the us during World War 2?

their were no battles within the mainland.

Where were the battles in world war 2?

edlo school

What was the 2 key battles in the world war 2?

Stalingrad and Midway.

Where were the battles fought in World War 2?

Most of the battles were fought in Italy ,Japan, and Germany.

Why did Canada fight ni World War 2?

Canada fought many battles in world war.

Which island served as a jumping off point for several battles during World War 2?

The island of Peleliu was the jumping off point for several battles in World War II.

What battles take place in world war 2?

all of them

Famous battles of World War 2?

I want a answer to this questin

Axis won which battles in world war 2?


What famous battles happened in world war 2 and when did they happen?


What battles in World War 2 did they used trenches in?


What were major battles of World War 2 in Northern Europe?

There were several major battles in Northern Europe in World War II. Two of them were the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.

How many battles were fought in Normandy France during World War 2?

There were about ten different battles fought in Normandy during World War 2. No-one can be precise because some of the battles known under one name were actually several different battles so the number is imprecise.

What were the main battles in World War 2?

Many battles were fought in World War Two. The most notorious were Iwo Jima, The Phillipeanes, D-Day, and the Battle of the Bulge in the Netherlands.

What were the major battles the soviet union fought during World War 2?

The Battles of Kursk, Stalingrad and Berlin.

Where were the most battles of World War 2 fought?

Europe and the Pacific

What do the Battles of Lexington Saratoga and Yorktown have to do with World War 2?


What battles were Aboriginal people involved in during World War 2?

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