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It may be engine overheating in which case the engine is probably destroyed, or your car may be burning oil, or oil got spilled near the engine and is smoking.

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Q: Car is smoking
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How do you fix your car if it is smoking?

You should explain to the car that smoking is bad for its health.

When was Smoking Car Productions created?

Smoking Car Productions was created in 1993.

What percentages of car accidents are caused by smoking?

the percentage of car accidents caused by smoking is 76%

What can you add to your car oil to keep it from smoking when its started?

If your car is smoking, adding things to the oil is not likely to help.

Should I have a car repaired if it is smoking near the compressor?

A car need to be repaired if it is smoking near the compressor. There might be something seriously wrong with the car.

Is it safe to drive a car when the car is smoking white smoke after the car is turned off?


What does it mean when your car is overheating and smoking and a noise coming from the engine?

your car is broken

What does it mean if your car is smoking?

The engine is burning oil

How long after smoking cannabis can you drive a car?

stright away

What treatments are there for asthma?

Smoking, Drinking and inhaling car fumes

What is Jamie Lee Curtis smoking in the car in Halloween?


You just had your intake manifold replaced and now the car keeps smoking how do you make it stop smoking?

Take away its cigarettes

Can a car smell like cigrette smoke if no one smoked in the car?

Yes, if someone who just finished a cigarette or smokes a lot rides in the car. The smell clings to someone and stays on their breath for a while after smoking. It can end up in the car even if nobody actually broke the no-smoking-in-the-car rule.

Your car is shaking and clanking and smoking so what is wrong?

Do change the car & buy a new one, Simple!

What are the laws of smoking?

you must be an adult and you cant smoke in the car if there children in it

What are things that people don't want you doing in their car?

Eating and smoking.

Why would my car be smoking from the motor?

because it likes to smoke. lol

Will smoking pot effect your smart start breathalyzer in your car?

Hope not

Why is your starter smoking after starting car?

It is self destructing. Replace the starter.

Why is your car smoking from the tailpipe and sputtering?

Timing issue, poor ignition.

Is there a law against parents smoking in the same car as kids?


Why is your car smoking under the hood?

It oviously depends what you did to the car. you can't ask the computer if you are the only one who knows what you did to it!!!

Car is smoking near the wheel?

Smoking from near a wheel points to the brake on that wheel binding. Take the car for a run, when you stop the car touch the wheel with the BACK of your hand QUICKLY. You will know if it is over heating! Also there may well be a burning smell.

Why is your car smoking in side under dash?

Well fortunately my car isn't, but it could be the ignition switch. A lot of heat generates there when you start the car.

You have 2 car lighter 1 is not working what should you do?

Give up smoking.