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Car making high pitch sound from engine?

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Take it to a shop or mechanically inclined friend.

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High pitch whooping sound from front of engine?

If you have a high pitch whooping sound from the front of your engine, it is most likely your HVAC system. You may need to replace the heater module.Ê

If a sound waves frequency is high is the sound high pitch or low pitch?

High pitch is the answer

What are the helium uses?

Balloons, and making your voice sound fast and high pitch.

How does a sound wave for a high pitch sound differ to that of a low pitch sound?

High pitch = high frequency = short wave Low pitch = low frequency = long wave

What properties of sound determine the pitch of sound?

The pitch is determined by how high the sound is.

Why are pitch and frequency similar to loudness and intensity?

sound has properties of loudness and pitch. The loudness of a sound depends on the amplitude of vibration. A speaker making a loud sound moves back and forth more than a speaker making a soft sound. The pitch of a sound depends on the frequency of vibration. A speaker making a high pitched sound like a siren vibrates with a higher frequency than the same speaker making a low pitched sound like thunder

Does a triangle have a high pitch or a low pitch sound?

A triangle has high pitch.

Do shark hear low pitch sound or high pitch sound?

low pitch

What is the difference between high pitch sound and low pitch sound?

Our perception of pitch is based on frequency (how often the sound oscillates). The higher the frequency of the sound, the higher the pitch. A high-pitch sound has more vibrations per second (Hertz -Hz-) than a low-pitch sound. The frequency. A high-pitched sound has a higher frequency than a low-pitched sound.

What causes a high pitch whistle sound coming from cars engine?

the high pitched sound which I'm guessing is the whirring sound from the engine's turbocharger/supercharger. the sound comes when the impeller blades of the TC/SC rotates at very high velocity.... it's very similar to the sound of a jet engine but only on a small scale.

Does a seal makes high pitch or low pitch sound?


What does a sound with a high frequency have?

It has a high pitch.

How does pitch affect the frequency of sound?

pitch is a measure of the sound frequency. So high pitch equals high frequency and short wavelengths.

The frequency of its sound wave determines its what?

The sensation of a frequencies is commonly referred to as the pitch of a sound. A high pitch sound corresponds to a high frequency sound wave and a low pitch sound corresponds to a low frequency sound wave.

High-frequency sound waves have a high or low pitch than low-frequency sound waves?

High-frequency means high pitch.

What is a description of sound as high or low?

The pitch of the sound.

How high or low a sound is?

The pitch describes how high or low a sound is.

Does a high pitch sound have a greater frequency than a low pitch sound?


What is difference in pitch and loudnes?

pitch - how high or low a sound is volume - how loud a sound is

What is pitch and loudness related to sound?

pitch is related to sound, without sound no pitch would be created. Sound is the core of any noise, any noise is referred to sound. A pitch is basically a frequency. certain frequencies create certain pitch. for example a high pitch would be a high frequency and a low pitch would be a low frequecny. its quite simple. Loudness is also sound, it depends how high the pitch it to make is loud or soft.

Does a high pitch sound have a low frequency?

No. High pitch = high frequency = short wave

What determines pitch?

The pitch of a note is determined by the frequency of the sound wave. High frequency -> high pitch.

What is the pitch of the sound if it has a high frequency?

Really high

Pitch describes how high or low a sound is. The pitch of a sound is most dependent upon the of the sound wave.?


Is high pitch sound means loud sound?

No, it means high frequency sound. Loud sound would be called high intensity.