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Call a local attorney for state/case specific advice.

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Q: Car paid in full other unsecured loans charged off bank used cross collateral clause to repo car what is your next course of action?
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What is red clause credit?

A Green Clause Without Collateral

What is green clause credit?

A clause in a letter of credit enabling the buyer to receive pre-shipment advances against collateral represented by, for example, warehouse receipts/warrants. It is commonly used in the export of agricultural commodities, where the company may raise funds to harvest new crops for export by pledging available stocks as collateral.

What are some adverb clause starters?

The beginnings of adverb clauses can differ a lot. However, you can spot an adverb clause by finding what the clause is modifying. If the clause in the sentence is modifying a verb, than it's an adverb clause. Also, adverb clauses will tell you: * When the action occurred * Where the action took place * To what extent the action was * How the action was done Make sure the clause is modifying a verb though, because often times it can be a prepositional phrase!

What is Bank of America auto loan loss payee clause?

A loss payee has to be added to an insurance policy when one uses collateral, such as a house or car. The payee is required to provide collateral and agree to carry insurance on the secured property.

With a foreclosure can they touch your paycheck?

NO, usually. The exception would be based on a clause in the contract for the secured debt, or statutes of the state in which the contract was entered, that specified the creditor may take action to collect a part of the secured debt that liquidation of the collateral did not cover (due to the current market).

The simple subject of a sentence consists of?

who or what does the action.

When an ablative absolute has a present participle its action happens at the same time as the main clause?

This is true. In Latin the present happens at the same time as the main clause.

What is the meaning of red clause?

Special provosion in documentary credit where the beneficiary (usually the seller) is authorized to obtain an advance from the corresponding bank on an unsecured basis. The liability for default is assumed by the account party (usually the buyer) through the issuing bank. This clause is written usually in red ink, hence the name.

What is an example of clause?

Clause is a sentence which must have subject and a verb. Two main types of clauses are there: Main or principal or independent clause and subordinate or dependent clause. Depending the action of various clauses, different forms of clause can occur such as noun clause, prepositional clause, adjective clause, adverbial clause and so on. Example of clause: English is the most popular language, which is being taught all over the world as language of communication. (The sentence has got two clauses. 'English is the most popular language' is an independent clause as it can stand on its own, and 'which is being taught all over the world as language of communication' is subordinate or dependent clause as it cannot stand on its own.

How should the necessary and proper clause be interpreted?

If the federal government can perform an enumerated power without a law or action, then that law or action is unnecessary and therefore unconstitutional.

Is when the day began an adverb clause?

Yes. Like an adverb, it tells "when" an action occurred or a condition existed.

According to Thomas Jefferson how should the necessary and proper clause be interpreted This clause states to make all laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution the enumerated powers?

If the federal government can perform an enumerated power without a law or action, then that law or action is unnecessary and therefore unconstitutional.

Is there a clause in your paper work that allows a doctor office to bill for missed appointment?

If you are charged for a missed appointment, then there was a clause in the paper work allowing the doctor to bill you. If you feel otherwise, then you can always ask the doctor for the clause and where it is stated in the paper work. This usually only applies to Private Practices rather than Hospitals.

What is an action over indemnity buyback clause?

The action over indemnity buyback clause states that property may still be acquired by previous owner by paying a certain amount plus penalties and charges. A specific time frame is given to buy the property back before it will be up for auction.

What type of clause is this sentence After you had eaten?

"After you had eaten" is a clause, not a sentence. "After you had eaten, you cleared up" is a sentence, and "you cleared up" is the main clause.· It is a subordinate clause because it cannot stand on its own.· It is an adverbial clause because it answers the question "when?" and qualifies the action of the verb in the main clause.· It is a temporal clause because it answers the question "when?" and gives a time.Hope one of these is the kind of answer you are looking for.

Who makes the determination that a particular action or law is in violation of the free exercise clause of the First Amendment?

Supreme court

What is an objective clause?

An objective clause is a clause which is like a learning objective but this is the objective for an clause

What is interest rate on matured unpaid amounts?

Any payments you didn't make are due on maturity date and will be charged with whatever %interest that clause states.

What power does the elastic clause give congress?

Elastic Clause: To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers. The Elastic Clause allows future generations to expand the meaning of the Comstitution. Congress can take action on issues not to spelled out in the Constitution.

What is another name for the implied powers clause?

The Necessary and Proper Clause (also known as the Elastic Clause, the Basket Clause, the Coefficient Clause, and the Sweeping Clause)

In which sentence is the underlined clause an adjective clause?

In which sentence is the underlined clause an adjective clause

What is an adverbial clause?

An adverbial clause is a subordinate clause which functions as an adverb within the main clause.

What kind of clause contains a subject and a predicate?

It can be an independent clause or a dependent clause. It is an independent clause if does not have a word at the beginning like "but" or "because". If there is a word like this at the beginning of the clause, it is a dependent clause.

How do you identify clauses in a sentence?

Each clause in a sentence has to have a subject and an action (verb). An example would be something like "the dog barked." The dog is the subject of the clause (and in this case, of the whole sentence), and "barked" is the action, i.e. what he did. Obviously that was a simple one -- a single-clause sentence can get pretty complex if you add adjectives and extra information (i.e. "After running in circles for hours, the dog, delirious and dizzy, barked at its own shadow like it was crazy.") In compound sentences (more than one clause), you have to think of each clause as a separate subject and action. If the dog barked AND something else happened (the farmer came out of his house, or something like that), then the other activity is the other clause. Basically, look for a co-star in the movie. Also look for an "and," a "but," a "so," or something that could separate two different actions, with a comma before it. Usually separate clauses are on either side of it.

Granted by Article I of the Constitution this allows Congress to take any action they deem necessary and proper for the benefit of the country?

Elastic clause