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Had the same problem with my Lincoln. . . . There is a lever that you can rev the engine up from under the hood, that needs to be adjusted to keep more gas going to the vehicle. This is what I did over a year ago and it's still working fine. The downfall is that since it's giving more gas, it obviously uses a bit more now. However, I had and have no $$ to take it to a mechanic to determine the heart of the problem and, like I said, it's worked fine for me for over a year now. It cut my gas mileage down so I get 3 mpg less now.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-04 16:47:06
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Q: Car starts but unless reeving the engine a little it will stall I Can put in gear with foot on brake while reeving then let up on brake and it will stay started and run until I go to brake?
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