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Internal combustion engines need 3 things to start and run: air, fuel, and spark. First look over all of your fuses, to make sure none of them such as the fuel pump fuse, or the fusable link have burned out. Make sure your battery is not faulty, even a brand new battery could potentially be no good. Check the voltage with your volt or multi meter, it should read around 12.5v. Inspect the cables to and from the battery and alternator, but sure they are properly installed. Check your air induction system, make sure the air filter is nice and clean, no blockages. If your vehicle is equipped with a MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) make sure it is plugged in correctly. Likewise if your vehicle is equipped with a MAP (manifold absolute pressure sensor) be sure that is plugged in correctly. Visually inspect the entire length of the intake piping, for loose clamps, cracked piping, or gaps. Once you have completed that if your vehicle has a distributor system, remove the distributor cap and replace it if necessary. If you see any visible damage to the spark plug wires, or the age of them is unknown replace them. Next check your spak plugs for the correct gap as recommended by the manufacturer, be sure they are in good shape before reinstalling them. If the vehicle still will not start, try replacing your fuel filter. This is usually inline, though in some cases it is in the fuel tank itself. Once that is completed turn the key to the accessory position, in most vehicles you should hear the fuel pump turn on and prime the lines for starting. If you do, you should be in good shape at this point.

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Q: Car won't start put new battery starter and alternator?
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Your Saturn wont start and its not the starter alternator or battery?

maybe ignitoin or ignition switch

New starter new battery new alternator belt but car wont start?

Go to the mechanic instantly

Your car wont start then you charge battery then it starts but after you shut off wont start again also it dies after runnin for a period of time without drivin is it the alternator or maybe starter?

The problem is not the starter. The battery is either not holding or not receiving enough charge. Problem could be (1) loose alternator beltl (2) loose/corroded battery cable(s); (3) dead cell(s) in the battery; (4) bad alternator.

What is a name of a part that wont allow my car to start when starter cables alternator battery are all good i think this part sits on top of the starter?


Do you need an alternator to have a starter motor?

Alternator on a car is for re cahrging the battery. So you can have a starter motor without a alternator but you wont get far down the road when the battery runs out of power and the car will die.

1991 Toyota Camry changed alternator battery starter still wont start?

Check spark plug wires, and voltage on the distrubutor.

Honda crx wont start?

these might be your problems: BATTERY IS DEAD CORROTED BATTERY TERMINALS STARTER IS NO GOOD ALTERNATOR IS NOT CHARGING those are the only things that have to do with the car not starting

2000 cavalier wont start and dash lights not coming on?

If the 2000 Cavalier has no lights an will not start, there is an electrical issue. Check the battery, alternator, and the wiring from the battery all the way to the starter to find the problem.

What could be wrong if after installing a new battery and alternator truck still wont start or run?

It could be the starter in it. It may be weak or need replaced.

1987 Chevy blazer wont turn over after replacing starter?

did you check your battery and alternator?

1998 ranger 2.5 L 5 speed manual wont start alternator good battery good starter good it just clicks once how do you fix this it will start if you tap on the starter please include detailed info?

the wiring from my battery to my starter had a short that's what the problem was, thanks anyways

Your 97 Chevy lumina wont start you have checked the battery and starter and still nothing happens what could be wrong?

I had a similar problem turns out the Alternator was bad.

What could be wrong if after installing a new battery and alternator in your car it will start sometimes and now it wont even click?

starter is going it. round 165 to replace

New battery new starter car will not start?

my car wont start with a new battery, starter and alternator What kind of car? A lot of things can keep a car from starting. It is just a process of elimination. More information is needed to point you in the right direction.

Chrysler minivan 1998 wont start and its not the battery?

If you mean that the battery is OK but the starter does not turn replace the starter, they are known to have weak starter solenoids,inside the starter.

Why wont a 1972 VW start with the starter but will when you pop the clutch?

Starter is defective, or battery is weak.

If the Starter is good battery good car still wont start?

mabe the starter solenoid

The battery symbol lights up on your dashboard car wont start Battery seems ok Replace alternator?

Do the headlamps work while cranking the starter? If not focus on your battery and cables. Jump start the car and have the system tested before you throw more dollar bills at this problem; it could be the alternator but have it tested first.

1997 buick park avenue has good battery and alternator and new starter but wont start?

1.your ingnition could be bad, 2.your key could be bad

Your 98 Honda Passport wont start up why?

There could be many reasons as to why this car will not start up. The battery could be drained, the starter, starter solenoid or alternator could be going bad, or there could be an issue within the fuel system.

87 Benz 190e 2.3 won't start is it the starter or alternator?

A car not starting could be a lot of things. If the battery is charged and it wont start than look towards the start circuit. - If your battery is dead and that's why it wont start than look at the battery or the charge circuit. Hope this helps.

What would make a chevy van turn over but wont start?

There are a few things that would make a Chevy van not start. The first things to check would be the battery, the alternator, and the starter.

Your car wont start just makes a clicking sound?

That could be the alternator or the battery. Try jump starting your car with another car's battery. If it still does not start, it is probably the alternator. If it starts, your battery is dead.

Why does it sound like the blinkers are on but the battery is charged and the truck wont start?

the alternator is bad

Can you jump start a car with a bad alternator?

you can but it wont stay running if the battery is dead