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try testing the starter

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Q: Car wont start wont even turn over the lights are on so its not the battery?
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Turn my key to start car and get nothing not even the gauges come on but yet the lights work and the instrument panel lights work why won't it turn over the starter on a 1968 camaro?

Some times the battery will have enough power to turn lights on but not enough to turn the engine over. Try to jump start it or replace battery with one you know is charged. By the way-nice car.

What is wrong when you try to start car and won't turn over and when you turn the key back off you hear a CLICK sound?

Sounds like you might have a battery problem. The clicking sounds are most likely the solenoid engaging and disengaging...there's probably enough battery power to engage your solenoid, but not enough to turn the engine over. You can check your lights, horn, etc., for evidence of a bad battery, and of course, always start by checking (and cleaning) your battery connections. Good luck. I wouldn't judge battery by lights, etc. My car wouldn't crank over...just lights on dash...tried jumping, etc. The lights were bright when not jumping. Turned out at Autozone (free check) that my battery had 12.0 V, needed 12.2V to check, and was only 24% charged (even tho lights were bright, etc). After charging for 3 hours, it was only 36% charged and was bad. I replaced the battery and the car immediately cranked and started. Hope this helps.

What would cause dash warning lights not come on won't start and battery is good on a 1990 Toyota Celica?

1990 toyota celica when jumper cables are hooked up dash lights turn on but the car won't turn over won't even click

Why wont your car start the lights turn on but are dim A jump didn't help It wont even turn over?

if the battery is completely dead you cant get enought amps thru jumper cables to the starter motor

1999 aurora will not start turn over or anything?

If none of your lights work , it sounds like a bad battery cable connection or a dead battery

When you turn the key to start the dash lights go out and engine does not turn over and the solenoid does not click with a good battery.?

The battery power is not reaching the starter. You have other problems...

Your car will not start the motor will not turn over?

If it will not turn over you have an electrical problem. Start by removing the battery cables and cleaning the cables and battery posts. If that does not solve the problem, then put a charger on the battery and let it fully charge. Turn on your headlights and try to start the car. If it still will not turn over and the lights do not dim you probably have a bad starter or starter solenoid. But make sure your battery is good. If you can jump start it with another vehicle the battery is bad. It can also be a defective ignition switch.

Why won't a 1994 Jeep Wrangler Sahara start-the battery seems fine because the lights will come on but when you turn the key the engine will not turn over at all-not even a clicking sound?

I just had the same problem .It was my starter if i hit it with a hammer it would start

Your 93 subaru impreza was fine one moment the next moment you tried to start it and the engine wont even try to turn over The lights and battery still work What could be the problem?

check your fuses The starter

98 Buick LaSabre wont turn over or start dash lights come on?

Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Wire disconnected at top of starter?

Why would a Cadillac De Ville not start even though interior lights come on?

More than likely your battery is not holding enough charge to turn the starter. If you bang the starter gently (well, gently enough) with a hammer and it still doen't turn over you prob. have a bad battery. It may also be that your alternator is going bad. Most of the time it's the battery though. I just had the same problem and the battery is the cheapest thing you can replace to find out. If that doesn't work, you have a bad starter. Make absolutely sure that you get the right battery though, as it takes quite a bit of juice to turn over. (thus the problem with your current battery) Seems strange, but all of your interior lights, even your headlights should still work, but no start. Give it a try!

Put key in ignition it turns a little but 1994 grand voyagerLE won't start but lights turn on it does not even click?

Go clean the battery connections, recharge the battery and then start. The connections you have now are just enough to turn on lights but not good enough to draw the power needed to turn the engine over. Clean the terminals and connectors and make sure they are tight. If after you clean the terminal connections it stil won't crank, then you probably have a dead cell in yoru battery but try the connections first before you go buy another battery.

Your car will start and the radio and lights come on but it kicks over very slowly any thoughts?


My 2005 Kia Sedona won't start the lights and radio play but it won't turn over. When you turn the key nothing happens Any suggestions?

See if the battery has water. Then see if it will jump with jumper cables. If it will start with jumper cables, your battery had enough amperage to make the lights work and the radio to play but not enough to start the car.

What is wrong with your 01 Neon when you start the car it does not turn on and all the power and gages turn off but the engin still clicks?

First of all is the lights working in the car? (over head lights or any kind of lights) If your not getting anything at all (no lights) then you should check the battery. If the lights are working then I would check your starter. Most of the time if you take the battery somewhere to get checked they will do it for free. So I would start there. Did you try to get a jump to see if that would start it? Hope this helped some.

Toro zero turn mower will not start will not even turn over what is wrong?

dead battery

When i turn the key on may 2000 impala to start it the dashboard lights start flashing radio turns on and car won't start the battery was drained what is wrong?

try checking the alternator try charging the battery with a car battery charger or getting a jump from a friend's car to get it to turn over

If all the lights work but the engine wont start with a new battery what might be the problem?

Will it turn over? if yes then check for spark and fuel

My 2000 Chevy Venture has new battery and power lights radio it does not click or turn over so why won't it start?

The Starter, Is Bad.

I turn the key and there is a loud clicking noise. The lights work but the engine is not turning over. Why won't my 1998 4Runner start?

Chances are that the battery does not have enough power to start the vehicle. The battery can be next to dead and the interior lights and some dash lights may come on, but a fully charged battery is necessary to start the vehicle. Have someone use a DC voltmeter to determine if you have the necessary voltage to start the vehicle. The battery should normally read 12.6 volts. If the vehicle has been sitting for a while, chances are it just slowly drained. This is called parasitic drain, and is usually a result of the clock keeping time, saving your radio station presets, etc. Normally, such a small parasitic drain does not affect the battery's ability to start the engine. However, if the battery was weak to begin with, then a minor parasitic drain could weaken the battery to the point that it cannot start the vehicle. First determine the current voltage of the battery. Determine how much voltage is currently in the battery (0v-12.6v). Try charging the battery and see if it holds the charge over the course of a couple days. If it does, then the battery probably has some life left in it. If it does not hold its charge very well, such as not even overnight, then you will definetily want to replace the battery as soon as possible. Hope this helps!

My acura tl 3.2 turns over but won't start What to do next?

why won't my acura tl start even though the battery isn't dead

What does it mean when your car won't start?

It can be multiple things it could be the batter it could be your ignition many things can be causing it can you tell me if it tries to turn over or what it does when you try if your dome lights or head lights are very dim its your battery if it starts when jumping it most likely your battery.

Car has no power but does not start as you turn over vehicle the lights go dim and there is no power when trying to turn over ignition lights die out?

Sounds like the battery has gotten weak. If the battery has been replaced recently maybe the alternator isn't charging it up. Some auto parts houses will load test the battery for you and tell you if it is weak. They can also check to see if it is charging the battery while it is running.

What wrong with My car it have no power no horn no lights no radio but trun over but don't start?

the battery may not have enough energy to turn on the lights. an is the engine turning over completely at the rate that it should be or is it struggling to turn? also check all of your fuses

Car has battery power but does not start as you turn over vehicle the lights go dim and there is no power when trying to turn over ignition lights die out?

This is a classic case of low battery power, check your fan-belt is not loose. If the battery is old, it will need to be replaced. With a relatively new battery, check the electrolyte levels, top up and recharge as required. Also, at this time of year, a cold battery can cause these type of problems, as its Electrolytic processes are temperature critical.