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Carb idle set screw on a 94 suzuki 250 dirt bike?


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2008-01-03 15:07:04
2008-01-03 15:07:04

bury screw all the way in and turn out 1.5 to 2.5 turns out


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the best 125 dirt bike is the suzuki. The best dirt bike by far is the KX 125.

Suzuki makes a good bike, however this is too vague of a question. This would depend on what model of Suzuki dirt bike, the type of riding you do, maintenance and how hard you ride it.

Suzuki DRZ 125 is best dirt bike ever.

look on the front on the frame you will see a vin numberwrite that down and call a dirt bike mechanic or call suzuki

You are getting too much air into your engine, if this is a motorcycle, ATV or dirt bike carb try adjusting the air screw.

The 80 is faster and better no questions asked!

An 03 Suzuki gsxr 750 is a dirt bike. This type of dirt bike has only one spark plug in the motor.

The carb bowl drain nut is located on the bottom of the carb.

Suzuki and Kawasaki are top on the list.

Not if your carb is adjusted properly.

Japanese bike brands are- Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

50 mph to 80 mph it depends upon bike.

50mph to 75mph it depends on the condition of bike.

The Suzuki DR350 dirt bike can range in price greatly depending on the area it is for sale in and the retailer. Typically, Suzuki DR350 dirt bikes cost around $1300.

Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM

You can just adjust it to turn off .

The 1991 Suzuki 250 dirt bike spark plug gap is .019. Most spark plugs will come pre-gapped from the spark plug manufacturer.

There are a number of places where one might be able to purchase a Suzuki quad bike. They can be purchased at most motorcycle or dirt bike stores. They can also be purchased used on websites such as Craigslist.

The fastest dirt bike in stock is a Suzuki But most lots of people don't agree they normally think its the ktm that's all a opinion.

He rides a Suzuki RM 250 2-stroke. It's not necessarily his favorite bike, but it is who he is sponsored by.

My buddy has a suzuki and it is a complete pile. I own a Yamaha and have had no problems with it and will never buy anything else. I bought mine used and have had far less problems with it then his suzuki which he bought brand new a few months ago. Hope this helps just dont buy a suzuki.

suzuki drz125s top out at about 50-60mph

maybe a top speed of 60mph or a little more

I spoke to a dirt bike mechanic who said that two and a half turns on the air/fuel ratio screw from the closed position is a good starting point for this particular bike.

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