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i actually do not no, have fun trying to find out

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Q: Carbon dioxide extinguisher?
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Is a C02 extinguisher a carbon dioxide gas fire extinguisher?

Yes.co2 extingusher is a carbon dioxide extingusher.

Why is carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is able to put out fire?

A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher smothers a fire by depriving it of oxygen.

Where carbon dioxide can be found?

fire extinguisher

Which gases are in fire extinguisher?

carbon dioxide

Is carbon dioxide used in fire extinguisher?

Yes, a carbon-dioxide type of fire extinguisher contains ONLY carbon dioxide. Other extinguishers might use compressed nitrogen or other inert gases as propellants, as well as compressed carbon dioxide.

What should you not touch the horn or connecting pipe when using a carbon dioxide extinguisher?

why should uou not touch the horn or pipe when using carbon dioxide extinguisher

Who invented the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?

The first carbon dioxide portable fire extinguisher in the USA was made by Walter Kidde & Co., Inc. in 1924.

What extinguisher use on gas fire?

Carbon dioxide

Which gas is used as fire extinguisher?

Carbon Dioxide

What colour is a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?


Advantages of carbon dioxide in fire extinguisher?

what is the melting point of cartbobn dioxide

What does carbon dioxide do in a soda acid fire extinguisher?

It is the propellant used to force water out of the extinguisher.

What is the proper use for a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?

The only proper use of a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is to put out fires. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should only be pointed at fires and used on fires. Thank you, have a good day.

How does carbon dioxide mix with powdered baking soda in a fire extinguisher?

It doesn't. The soda solution mixes with the acid and the chemical reaction FORMS carbon dioxide gas, which pressurizes the extinguisher.

Where can someone buy a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?

Someone could buy a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher at local hardware stores or at one of the national chains of hardware stores. Online retailers sell carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, too.

What do you use carbon dioxide?

Well I use carbon dioxide in my fire extinguisher. What do you use carbon dioxide, or to put it another way? In what do you use carbon dioxide? Humans breathe out carbon dioxide... Breathing it out is not exactly using it. That would be more like making it.

What happens when there is carbon dioxide around a fire?

the fire should exstinguish a carbon dioxide puts out flames as it is a common fire extinguisher

What is the Importance of carbon dioxide?

to help plants and to put in fire extinguisher

What is the expansion rate off a carbon dioxide extinguisher?


Which chemical is used in Co2 fire extinguisher?

CO2- carbon dioxide

What part of the fire triangle is removed by a foam fire extinguisher?

oxygen the carbon dioxide in the extinguisher takes it away

How do fire extinguishers hold so much carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is compressed under high pressure inside a CO2 extinguisher.

Which fire extinguisher is used for a gas fire?

carbon-dioxide fire extingesher

Which type of fire extinguisher is used for electric fire?

Carbon dioxide or Halon.

Can carbon dioxide prevent us from burning?

yes as CO2 is a fire extinguisher