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Honda Accord 1980 4-door Sedan will be the first one. There must be others, but don´t really know them.

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Q: Cars with one mirror
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Did cars always have driver side mirror?

No, at one point they did not even have mirrors.

How many cars have been destroyed?

in 2010, 764 000.987 cars were destroyed... It is .987 'cos someone stole the side mirror off one of the cars!

Where a convex mirror is used?

In cars

How do you get on to the mirror cup on Disney Pixar cars?

that's Mario kart not Disney cars

How do you unlock mirror cup on Disney Pixar cars on psp?

That's Mario kart not cars

What is the problem with using convex mirror as wing mirrors on cars?

The images in your mirror will be closer than they appear

What are two uses for a convex lens?

Two uses of a convex mirror are:- 1. As a rear view mirror in cars. 2. As a vigilance mirror in shops.

How many mirrors is a car required to have to pass an MOT in the UK?

All cars must have two mirrors unless they were first used before 1st August 1978, in which case, one mirror is acceptable.For cars first used on or after 1st August 1978, it must have either:Both wingmirrors, orRear view mirror and offside mirror.

What mirrors are used in the cars rear view mirror?

Convex mirrors

What is the distance that you see out of the cars rear view mirror?

42.67 meters

Is it legal to drive a car without a side mirror in Washington state?

There must be a left side outside mirror on all cars driven in the US. The outside right mirror is optional, but pretty much standard on most cars these days. You must also have an interior rear view mirror on passenger vehicles.

Which mirror are used in vehicles to see object behind?

Most cars have a centre rear view mirror on the windshield and two side mirrors on the doors.

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