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It's possible that the cat can miscarry one kitten and still carry the rest full term. If your cat has miscarried one kitten, I advise you to take her to the vet because if a kitten died in her it could make her very ill, or even die, and it can also harm the other kittens.


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Yes, it is possible, but do not be surprised if she miscarries the others.

Yes, it is possible. I lost one twin around 17-18 weeks and carried the other to full term. I had C section and the deceased twin was also delivered.

Definitely! If you conceive twins it is possible to miscarry one and bring the other to full term. Very early on in the pregnancy it is possible for the second fetus to be "reabsorbed" into the tissue of the uterus. But the most common is when you have bleeding like a miscarriage but find out you are still pregnant.

This is called a threatened miscarriage and may settle down or may become a full miscarriage Good Luck.

I have a male black kitten and I named it Leo but his full name is Leonardo. Give your kitten a name that you'll be comfortable with for a long time. The kitten won't worry about it. There are no rules (shoulds).

A kitten can grow up fast or slow and many breeds stay a kitten for just one year or may do for a little longer or shorter. Ragdolls do not reach full growth until 4 years.

You can tell if your kitten will have long hair or not by the time it is 6 to 8 weeks old. A kitten that has a fuzzy, soft and full coat is likely to have long hair.

Kittens are playful, while Shakespeare was full of plays.

second or third week when a kitten is born

Yes. Underdeveloped kittens are called 'RUNTS'. It is harder for the 'runts' to live, but by some miracle they survive. I had a recent litter where one of the kittens was injured. It had a hard time trying to walk, because the umbilical cord cut into the kittens rear leg causing the leg to swell. I administered antibiotics and the mother cat cared for the kitten. It survived and is doing great. Even walks.

Usually that's when they stop eating what I do with my cats is just set out a medium amount of milk so if they are still hungry they can always return Hopes this helps

Kittens will usually be considered full grown when they turn about a year old. They can look full grown when they're about 6-8 months old, but they still do some growing to do depends on your cat as all cats are different!

Usually a young cat. Not a full grown cat or a kitten.

I takes about 8 weeks for the newborn to become a full grown kitten. And about 8 to 9 month for the kitten to become a juvenile (young) cat. By this time though, it is not a "full" grown cat.

You can never know for sure depending on the type of fresh fish. Its best to stick to the plan you were given when buying the cat as it is still a kitten, and wait for full maturity until you start feeding it fresh fish. It's always better to be safe than sorry with these issues.

Much like a house cat kitten, playful, and full of energy.

If you have no mother for it, start by giving it about 3 full syringes or more of Kitten milk or Goat milk that you can buy at a store or Fred's near you. (In my Fred's they have Kitten Milk.) Don't over feed it, but it will tell you if it still wants more. It will be obvious when they have enough. Also, continue this act 3 times a day for about 4 to 6 weeks and it will need no more. ~ Foxes On A Television

A hawk will go after a kitten but it will less likely go after a full grown cat. Even if you have a full grown cat it will probably be able to run fast enough away from a hawk and if you have a kitten you would most likely keep it in your home with its mom.

Yes the carry the Dual Shock 3 and the afterglow, dream-gear, and the move. The prices are better on amazon as K Mart wants full retail and you can get a bonus game for a Dualshock 3 at amazon when you pay full retail and you still save the state taxes

A kitten is an immature cat. A cat is considered fully grown and mature over 1 year old. A cat is a full-grown feline 1 year and older. A kitten is any cat younger than 1 year old.

Yes you can. It happened to friend of mine she lost one of her twins. She had a healthy pregnancy after and had her second baby daughter full term.

a slice of freashly cooked kitten nipples a bowl full of dog bits ya know ... <3 anda cup full of laughter

A cat is full grown at one year, and can eat cat food.

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