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Q: Catching regi steel?
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How do you catch regi ice regi rock and regi steel?

i do not to know

Where do you find regi ice regi rock and regi steel in Pokemon emerald?

route 207

Where do you get regi rock regi steel and regi ice on ruby?

One is found in the currents, but you need dig.

How do you catch regi rock regi ic and regi steel on firered?

you don't you must trade from Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby.

How Do You Get A Regi?

You have to get regi rock regi steel regi rock then go to the tempo in snowpoint only(soul silver ,heart gold,dimond ,pearl,and platnium)

What is the code to get regirock in pearl?

you cant you can only get regi rock regi ice and regi steel in Pokemon platinum when you have the national pokedex

In sapphire are there other legendarys besides Reqazia in sky piller?

Kyogre and latias. regi-rock, regi-ice, regi-steel

How do you get inside registeels temple on route 120?

Get nat dex then you must get regi rock regi ice and regi steel for it to appear

Where are the ruins in pokemon ruby?

for regi rock it is in the desert for regi steel it is on route 120 for regi ice it is on route 105 hope that helps:P

How do you catch regi ice regi steel and regi rock in Pokemon platinum with out cheting?

you can i just don't know how to reggirock is on top of resort area

How do you get regig rock regig steel regig ice on Pokemon platimum?

Sorry but you can't get them on Pokemon Platinum. You have to migrate regi rock regi steel and regi ice from eiter ruby or sapphire, ( idk about emerald) i hope i helped ;)

Hoe kan je de 3 regi's op platinum vangen?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? in engilish please if you mean how do you catch regi ice then you have to bring over regi rock regi steel and regi ice and go to the cave where he is

Can you catch regi steel first?

Of course there is no specific order.

Were can you find regi rock regi ice and regi steel in Pokemon Pearl?

You can not capture any of the regis in Pokemon pearl, diamon, or platinum you have to migrate from ruby, sapphire, or emerald. or trade with someone who has them.

Who is the hardest regi to catvh on Pokemon sapphire?

They are all the exact same but i had a lot of trouble catching Regirock.

How do you catch a regi steel Pokemon sapphire?

throw a lot of ultra balls

How do you get regi ice steel and rock on platinum?

You go to the pal park and migrate them.

What ledgendary Pokemon do you find in Pokemon emerald?

With no cheats or special events, you can get Kyogre, Groudon ,Rayquaza,regi ice,regi rock,regi steel,a penis,ladios and latias. (i think some of the spelling might be wrong lol)

How do you get regi steel on Pokemon pearl?

If you Have a 11th movie regiggiggas you can find him in i rand island

How do you catch the regis in Pokemon dimond?

Actually you're wrong you can NOT get the regis in Pokemon diamond, to get the regis you need Pokemon ruby/Sapphire/emerald you can get all three regis there(regi ice, regi steel, regi rock) althought if you migrate all of the regis onto Pokemon diamond you can get regi gigas(king regi) you will find him in the snowpoint temple after beating the elite four. Thanks hope i helped ^.^

Where do you catch regi steel on Pokemon ranger?

This question was already answered:Where_do_you_find_Registeel_in_Pokemon_Ranger

How do you get regi rock regi ice and regi steel on Pokemon diamond?

you can get them in the caves at mt cornet where in mt cornet you need to be specific THIS IS THE REAL WAY: u cant catch them in pearl or diamond u have to trade them from a different game or hack the game using an action replay

How do you unlock the doors to the regi's in emerald version?

regi steel- use flash at the middle regi rock- go to the top and go left left down right then use rock smash(im not sure) regi ice- run 1 lap around the walls

How do you get all the regis in platinum?

Regi steel can be found in iron island near the end. Regi ice can be fond in a cave near snowpoint city. Regi rock can be found in stark mountain. [keep in mind that you need a regigigas to make them all apear] HOPES THIS HELPS:)

What is the second rarest Pokemon in diamond?

It is Regigas. You can only get them if you have regi-steel, regi-rock, and regi-ice. You can get them by getting them on a Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire and then transferring them to your Diamond or Pearl. Then get them from your PC and go to Snowpoint Temple. Go to the last level and you will see him. Click on him and catch him! There you go! I hope I helped you.