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Caught for shoplifting no cops called no arrest told to pay 200 will this go on your record?


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November 13, 2007 4:06PM

I think you are talking about a civil demand notice you received by mail ordering you to pay the $200.00 If you don't pay it, it may go on your "credit record", not your "criminal record".

Years ago, when a store that wanted to teach you a lesson for stealing they had to call the police, and tie up courts, even if you stole something less then a dollar, not to mention the waste of their own time dealing with you. With the (somewhat new) Civil Demand Laws, retail stores normally give all Shoplifters these Civil Demand Notices regardless if they call the police or not. This way if you stole something little, it will teach you a lesson, plus help them recover money to pay for the time they spent with you.

When the store receive this money, they normally spend it back into security. So, it's like the Shoplifters help pay for the security that catches them.