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I think you are talking about a civil demand notice you received by mail ordering you to pay the $200.00 If you don't pay it, it may go on your "credit record", not your "criminal record".

Years ago, when a store that wanted to teach you a lesson for stealing they had to call the police, and tie up courts, even if you stole something less then a dollar, not to mention the waste of their own time dealing with you. With the (somewhat new) Civil Demand Laws, retail stores normally give all Shoplifters these Civil Demand Notices regardless if they call the police or not. This way if you stole something little, it will teach you a lesson, plus help them recover money to pay for the time they spent with you.

When the store receive this money, they normally spend it back into security. So, it's like the Shoplifters help pay for the security that catches them.

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Does a shoplifting ticket with no arrest show up on a background check?

If you weren't placed under actual arrest by a law enforcement officer, there will not be a record.

If someone were caught shoplifting and the store doesn't show up in court does it get dismissed?

The case will be dismissed for "Want Of Prosecution." However, if you were turned over to the police by the store, and were "booked," (formally arrested and entered into the arrest register) even if the disposition of the case is 'dismissed,' the arrest will still remain on record.

Can you go to Egypt with a record for shoplifting?


What happens if you get caught with marijuana in school?

Suspension, expulsion, arrest for possesion, criminal record, jail time....

How long does an arrest stay on record?

A record of your arrest is a permanent record.

How long does a shoplifting conviction stay on your record in rhode island?

The offense of shoplifting is LARCENY. If the offense occurred after your 18th birthday it will always remain on your record.

Paid fine for shoplifting and damage through the store lawyer's letter and cops warned me without arrest or court do I have criminal record?

It sounds like you handled the entire thing through the store's lawyers. Despite the "warning" if you were NOT arrested by the police, taken into custody and placed on the arrest book, you do NOT have a criminal record.

If you were caught shoplifting at the age of fifteen and received no cort date or anything in North Carolina is it still put on your record?

If you are now over 18 years of age, your record is sealed to the general puyblic regardless of WHAT the situation was.

Will your record get cleared when you turn 16 in the UK for shoplifting if you were charged when you were 14?

Yes, your record will be cleared when you turn 16 in the UK for shoplifting if you had been charged earlier when you were 14.

What is the fine for shoplifting?

That will depend on where you are, in terms of what the laws are in your area, and things like how much was stolen and if someone has a previous record of shoplifting.

Can you travel to Algeria with a 19 yr old shoplifting criminal record?

You'll need to apply for a visa in order to travel to Algeria, but a shoplifting record should not be an issue, assuming you're not on probation.

Will you be convicted for first time shoplifting and have a clean record?

Yes. At least in this state you will be convicted for first time shoplifting. Frequently a way exists to get the conviction removed from your record if you remain clean for a period of time afterward. If you do not, the conviction is not removed from your record.

Does shoplifting come off your record when you turn 18?

no. it stays on your record until the day you die. everything does.

How long does a shoplifting conviction stay on your record in FL?

1 year

How long is a shoplifting charge on your record in Washington state?

In the state of Washington, a shoplifting charge can stay on your record between two years and forever. It will all depend on the amount, the degree and which court it went through.

Is there a real arrest record for Franklin Pierce in 1853 in DC?

No arrest record for this incident has been located.

Is an arrest record different from a criminal record... or police record?


How long does a shoplifting conviction stay on your record in Arkansas?

Criminal convictions do not go away. It is a part of your permanent record. You can apply to have your record expunged.

How long does a shoplifting conviction stay on your record in NSW?

Criminal records are permanent.

If you have a clean record and you're caught shoplifting items less than 30 dollars Is there something you can plea that will just give you a warning without it going on your record?

First you should have a lawyer to advise you. After that it is usually up to the judge and you can't guarantee what an individual judge will decide.

Is arrest on your record when case is rejected?

Yes it is still on your record.

How long does shoplifting stay on your record?

If the offense occurred after your 18th birthday, it will become a permanent part of your criminal history record.

How long does a shoplifting record stay as a criminal record?

That depends on the laws of your country. You have not told us this so we can not be more specific.

How long do you have a record for an arrest?


Can you get a visa for Algeria if you have a shoplifting record that is 19 years old?

No. Algeria does not like thieves.