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Causes hair loss?

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if proper care of hair is not taken, if you regularly let your hair loose and lot of travelling also causes hair loss

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What are some of the main causes of hair loss?

There are a lot of causes of hair loss. Some of the main causes are various versions of Alopecia, Pattern baldness which is genetic patchy hair loss, and stress.

Does lead cause hair loss?

Yes lead causes hair loss.

What are some common causes of hair loss?

There are quite a few causes of hair loss. Some common causes of hair loss are stress, anxiety, radiation, thyroid problems, scalp infections or skin disorders.

Does drinking coffee contribute to hair loss?

There is no scientific evidence that coffee causes hair loss.

What causes hormonal hair loss?

you have to meet your family physicion .he will help you to control hair loss

Where can one find information on what causes hair loss?

There are many places where one can find information on what causes hair loss. One can find information on what causes hair loss at popular on the web sources such as Web MD and Mayo Clinic.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Some of the causes of hair loss can be either genetic or allergy related. Those with hair loss may have a genetic deficiency that causes them to lose their hair. Another cause of hair loss can be severe or chronic allergies, specifically eczema.

What hormone causes hair loss sluggishness and low metabolic rate?

Low Thyroid hormone can causes hair loss, sluggishness and low metabolic rate.

What medications cause hair loss?

One of the most common medications that causes hair loss is chemotherapy drugs.

Does mousse cause hair loss?

yes, it does because its is close to the roots and no air gets into and causes hair loss

What rhymes with Alecia?

Alopecia..... a condition that causes round patches of hair loss, and can lead to total hair loss.

What are the main causes of hair loss?

The reasons for hair loss can vary in men and women. Two types of alopecia, stress, hormone imbalance, and pattern baldness are all various causes of hair loss in men and women alike.

Causes of chest hair loss?

cancer... cancer...

What vitamin deficiency causes loss of hair?

It is the vitamin A.

What causes pubic hair loss?

Hair Loss are caused by menopause, hormones, aging, cancer, alopecia and adrenal gland.

What med causes hair loss?

These are for example drugs against cancer.

Why does Brazilian keratin cause hair loss?

the carcinogen kills the hair from the root causing hair loss and hair breakage , also causes different types of cancer

Does The loss of about 100 hairs per day from one's head is considered normal hair loss?

yes it considers as normal hair loss,but also check the hair loss causes if you feels that your hairs loss is increases from this limit.

What do chemo drugs do?

One effect is that it causes hair loss.

What are the causes of canine hair loss?

Majorly can by hereditory and thyroid..

Does wearing wigs all day causes hair loss?


Is body spray good for your hair?

No, it's terrible for your hair. It causes dandruff and hair loss, and it is made for your body not your hair !

Can excessive exercise cause hair loss?

Excessive exercise will not cause hair loss unless it causes a hormonal imbalance. Excessive exercise associated with weight loss can create a nutritional deficiency, which could trigger hair loss.

Dose HCTZ tablets cause hair loss?

MY name is Trudy Williams and I would like to no if the drug HCTZ. causes hair loss

Does tegretol causes hair loss?

Yes tegretol and valparin can cause your hair to grow thin.