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Causes of the Darfur Genocide?


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March 19, 2010 6:25PM


  1. The systematic killing of substantial numbers of people on the basis of ethnicity, religion, political opinion, social status, or other particularity.

  2. Acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. -

The Islamic controlled government, located in East and North Sudan, started the genocide as an ethnic cleansing of the Darfur region in West Sudan. They "hire" militia groups known as the Janjaweed to attack villages, rape, kill and loot. I have hire in quotations because the government is not paying them, their reward is what they are able to steal.

The Darfurians are now being forced out of their lands and into neighboring Chad. So far, no government has intervened in a meaningful way. There have been treaties made with the government of Sudan that they are not sticking to. They assist the Janjaweed in the attacks occasionally with air support. Though they deny it, we know that it is the government assisting them, for they are the only ones who have the knowledge and experience to fly these helicopters as the air support.

There has been demands put on China, who has a strong trade system with Sudan as it does with the US, to cut its ties (along with ending its oppression of the people of Tibet) but that also does very little. If the US were to stop trades with China, the Chinese economy would collapse, forcing them to give in, but the US economy would collapse as well.

The UN can and has sent in peace keepers, but they can do very little to help because they cant fire unless being fired upon. And since it is the Darfurians and not the UN peace keepers the Sudanese government wants dead, then there is little if nothing they UN can do to help

In the end, the only solution seems to be military force, which the US can not currently provide due to its entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan.


As with everything, especially contentious issues like what is happening in Darfur there are a number of answers, depending on whom you speak with and who offers comments.

In order to derive a proper, balanced, objective version of events I would suggest that you read or consult a number of sources rather than simply taking the first written piece that you find as the whole and complete truth. Dbxsoul