Causes of the Darfur Genocide?

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  1. The systematic killing of substantial numbers of people on the basis of ethnicity, religion, political opinion, social status, or other particularity.
  2. Acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. -

The Islamic controlled government, located in East and North Sudan, started the genocide as an ethnic cleansing of the Darfur region in West Sudan. They "hire" militia groups known as the Janjaweed to attack villages, rape, kill and loot. I have hire in quotations because the government is not paying them, their reward is what they are able to steal.

The Darfurians are now being forced out of their lands and into neighboring Chad. So far, no government has intervened in a meaningful way. There have been treaties made with the government of Sudan that they are not sticking to. They assist the Janjaweed in the attacks occasionally with air support. Though they deny it, we know that it is the government assisting them, for they are the only ones who have the knowledge and experience to fly these helicopters as the air support.

There has been demands put on China, who has a strong trade system with Sudan as it does with the US, to cut its ties (along with ending its oppression of the people of Tibet) but that also does very little. If the US were to stop trades with China, the Chinese economy would collapse, forcing them to give in, but the US economy would collapse as well.
The UN can and has sent in peace keepers, but they can do very little to help because they cant fire unless being fired upon. And since it is the Darfurians and not the UN peace keepers the Sudanese government wants dead, then there is little if nothing they UN can do to help

In the end, the only solution seems to be military force, which the US can not currently provide due to its entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As with everything, especially contentious issues like what is happening in Darfur there are a number of answers, depending on whom you speak with and who offers comments.
In order to derive a proper, balanced, objective version of events I would suggest that you read or consult a number of sources rather than simply taking the first written piece that you find as the whole and complete truth. Dbxsoul
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Why is it a problem that there genocide in darfur?

they're are killing. they're are killing. thry are killing . 01:50, 18 May 2009 (UTC)they are not just killing, there is also rape that happens and NO one does anything about it. People need to do something, anything to help these people... because all w ( Full Answer )

What started Genocide in Darfur?

The government in fact separated these people. The people alone did not start the genocide. also steven roberston is an idiot

Where did the Darfur genocide happen and what happened?

The conflict is very complex, but the basic information is the following: African Christians and Animists in the Darfur region of Sudan were relentlessly attacked, raped, and butchered by the Arab Janjaweed militias in a systematic way and were endorsed by the government of Sudan to engage in thi ( Full Answer )

When did the Genocide in Darfur begin?

some people say that genocide in Darfur began in 2003,but other say it was already started before the year of 2003. The conflict started to get bigger in the year of 2003.

Why did the Darfur genocide start?

The Islamic controlled government, located in East Sudan, started the Genocide as an ethnic cleansing of the Darfur region in West Sudan. They "hire" militia groups known as the Janjaweed to attack villages, rape, kill and loot. I have hire in quotations because the government is not paying them, th ( Full Answer )

What is the total deaths in the darfur genocide?

Up to 400,000 people have died due as a result of direct attacksand conflict induced malnutrition and disease. The vast majority ofthese have been women, children and civilian men. More than 3million people have been displaced and are living in IDP camps.More than 350,000 people are deprived of huma ( Full Answer )

Who was affected by the darfur genocide?

Women, children, elderly men, and many of them died from hunger anddieases caused by hunger and malnutrition. An estmated 400 000seemed to be the victims.

During the darfur genocide?

Many were killed, others injured, house, properties, live stock ofthe people, burnt, stolen, damaged. Million took shelters in campsin Chad or other countries. Its a spot of shame for the Mankind. Weobserved mass killing in 2003 and did almost nothing, This isDARFUR GENOCIDE. This is the way, we sha ( Full Answer )

Why should the genocide in Darfur end?

It should end because millions of people are being killed, it is wrong to kill all of those people.. It should end because thousands of people are dying and millions are displaced. It is wrong to kill all of those helpless people.

How did the Darfur Genocide begin?

Rebels to arms for Independance of Darfur. The Janwaweed Militia,supported by the Sudanese Govt. wanted to eliminate the issue ofself-proclamation of Darfur. They just wanted to wipe the Darfurpeople, so that none remains alive to ask for liberty.

What happened in the darfur genocide?

People killed (mostly innocent people, majority of the children,women and old age people, houses were burnt, cattles looted, womenraped..many fled to Chad to have a shelter.

Why is a genocide happening in Darfur?

Answer Because Sudan Govt in Khartoum never wants to loose thatparticular territory, where gas and oil have a potential bigreserve.

When did the darfur genocide first occur?

Before 1944 *EDIT* The current situation actually started in the mid-80's, and has been continuing since then, there may have been a previous situation, but i have no knowledge of that

Is there genocide in darfur?

YES. Genocide is the deliberate extermination of a political, racial, color, ect. group.. This is exactly what is going on in Darfur. People in Sudan who are black and NOT Muslim, are being killed.. I am not saying that Muslims are bad, but that it is an Islamic majority, that can only be counted ( Full Answer )

When did the genocide in Darfur end?

The Darfur genocide never ended buddy. Simply type in "When did the Darfur genocide end" into Google, and you find a list of charities to donate to. You see those, but no date. why? because it never ended. Although the genocide had died down slightly over time, it is still going on today. the death ( Full Answer )

What can Darfur do to stop genocide?

They should stop fighting, sit down and agree on a peace treaty, because frankly there causing more harm than good!

What really caused the Genocide In Darfur?

From everything I can understand - the Muslim Arab Sudanese of the North are trying to rid Sudan of (or take-over and convert by force) all the Southern African Sudanese - many of whom are Christian (Catholic and other) or animist.

What happened in darfur genocide?

well we all know that the janjaweed shot the sh1t out of them but the thing we don't know is that they were raped by sticking porupines in there butts then they asked the local warlord if they could borrow a shotgun so when they got them pregnant they could point it up the vag and pull the trigger s ( Full Answer )

Is genocide still going on in darfur?

Its not stopped, though killings are sporadic. The peak of killing,massacar was in 2003. Thousands died, million displaced, Now peacekeepers are there

Why did the genocide of Darfur begin?

During February 2003, the non-Arab ethnic groups of Darfur launchedan uprising against the Kartoum government. The governmentresponded by implementing their campaign of genocide, enlisting thehelp of Arab militia in Darfur called the Janjaweed ( the armedmilitia supported by the Sudanese Government ( Full Answer )

Deaths in Darfur caused by genocide?

There is no true figure published. And yet the death figures arebeing changed, as the conflict is not over. Up to 400,000 peoplehave died due as a result of direct attacks and conflict inducedmalnutrition and disease. The vast majority of these have beenwomen, children and civilian men.Approximately ( Full Answer )

Anything to be learned from genocide in Darfur?

there is a lot to be learned, we here in the west seem to be oblivious to their plight, we need to do more and keep this on the front pages of the news papers and TV news, but we only hear about it every now and then.

How did the genocide conflict in darfur start?

In February 2003, two opposition groups called the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) emerged in Darfur and attacked government troops. The SLA and JEM stated their attacks were in protest of the government of Sudan's (GOS) failure to protect local villagers from ( Full Answer )

Why was the Darfur Sudan genocide caused?

Some of the Darfur tried make an uprising, SudaneseGovt reacted. They sponsored the Janjaweed to destroy the uprising.Janjaweed started the massacre in 2003 Feb

How did darfur show genocide?

Darfur didn't show genocide, Darfur faced the brutality of thegenocide. It was imposed on the people of Darfur, Sudan by Umar AlBashar, Janjaweed and the ethnic Sudanese Arabs

How long was the darfur genocide?

It is debatable when exactly the tragic genocide ended, but in fact begun in 2003 and roughly ended in the later months of 2007. - Andrew Lawrence

Who were killed during the genocide of darfur?

The Darfur Conflict is an ongoing guerrilla conflict or civil war centered on the Darfur region of Sudan. With power centralized in the north around its capital Khartoum and natural resources concentrated in the South, Sudan is further divided by religion, ethnicity, tribal differences, and economic ( Full Answer )

What caused genocide darfur?

Rebels to arms for Independance of Darfur. The Janwaweed Militia,supported by the Sudanese Govt. wanted to eliminate the issue ofself-proclamation of Darfur. They just wanted to wipe the Darfurpeople, so that none remains alive to ask for liberty.

How was the genocide carried out in darfur?

Leaders in Darfur firstly was asking for autonomy and full controlof their economy (having in mind abundance of gas and petroleum).This was not approved by Sudanese Govt. Years passed and at pointDarfurians organized themselves and demanded freedom for theirterritory. Sudan at all not liked it. Star ( Full Answer )

Was the genocide in darfur resolved?

Its not resolved yet. Peace making soldiers are them. Many returnedfrom exile and trying to start a new life in Darfur. Still itsfragile.

What were the main causes of the Darfur genocide?

The government in Sudan is centralized in Khartoum and maintains the majority of the resources and jobs. Southern Sudan, including the Darfur region, have stressed a desire for independence or recognition from the Khartoum government. In response, the inherently Arabic government lashed out violentl ( Full Answer )

How could the Darfur Genocide have been stopped?

In 2 ways. 1. Rebels had not make violence, would have to wait fornegotiation (2002). 2. The Sudanese Govt and its sponsoredJanjaweed Militia should not have started killing and clensing.They could arrange negotiation talks.